54 DIY Christmas Painted Rock Design

Are you looking for an inexpensive and unique home decoration for Christmas? Do you need something that is easily to obtain and could potentially bring out your creative side? Or perhaps, you need a simple decoration with less time? DIY Christmas painted rock is the answer.

15 Grey Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Ideas

See these kitchen makeover ideas to inspire you below. Paint your wooden cabinets for more upscale-farmhouse feel with gray. This way instantly elevated the kitchen as did swapping out the dated drawer pulls for cup pills. If you don’t have much money for buying new cabinets, you can just thickening the door frames with plywood and applying bead-board wallpaper to complete change of your cupboards.

15 Unique DIY Pallet Bed Frame Ideas

Pallet is used worldwide for all sorts of interesting and useful DIY project such bed frames, nightstands and all sort of other things. There are so many advantages which come with using pallets. Pallets itself is very cheap and you can find it at local stores or buy them. It can be reconfigured in numerous different ways, depends on what you are trying to build.

15 Affordable DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas

We deserve a nice place to rest in between potting petunias and pulling up weeds, so let’s make a DIY outdoor bench with these creative ideas. Repurpose your old bed frame and paint them into a nice bed frame bench. If you have the baby crib that is no longer being used anymore, convert them into a beautiful bench that is both practical and nostalgic. You can add some bed sheet or throw pillow to make it more comfortable while spending your spare time outdoor.

15 Smart DIY Storage Solution Ideas for Tiny Bathroom

Tiny bathrooms are tough to design because they are compact; save money on materials for using less material- but small bathroom is small, and nobody likes being cramped. You can start decorating your space by avoid hanging anything that sticks out from the walls especially in very narrow bathrooms. Just go with built-in toilet paper holders and magazine racks. Also try to avoid decorating shelves because it takes away precious square footage.

15 Easy DIY Ideas with Plastic Bottle

More than a million plastic bottles are thrown each day. From a laundry detergent to mineral water plastic bottles, people are buying it almost every day. A crafty DIY project is the best way to minimize environmental impact and even save your money. Check out these creative projects using plastic bottles to save our environment.

15 Incredible DIY Front Porch Patio Design

Great guests and add curb appeal to your home by adding fresh color and unique style to your front entry with these DIY front porch patio designs. Add a variety of old and new containers to hold red geranium, rosemary and topiary evergreen just like Italian-villa inspired entry for your front porch patio. Or a full of herbs and flowers to great guests with color and wonderful smell just like farmer’s market style. Transform your daybed with a new DIY mattress and pillows to comfort your guests.