Repurposing five-gallon buckets into wonderful new things is exciting. If you have no idea what to create, the DIY ideas below are the best solution to go. Check them out, now!

Halloween Play-Doh Costume

Play-doh costume Speechless DIY Ideas For Repurposing Five Gallon Buckets


Five-gallon buckets are the perfect starting points for creative costumes and crafts. This is just such a fantastic idea for a young one! Here, you will need to find the best bucket and paint it like the picture. You can find out the template as well on the internet or create the new one.

Upcycled Bucket Art Studio Storage

Upcycled bucket art studio storage Speechless DIY Ideas For Repurposing Five Gallon Buckets


It is an idea of turning an empty five-gallon bucket into a great art studio storage. This looks more perfect if you have little ones who just can’t seem to keep their craft supplies organized. After that, the storage I also offering an easy to get away for all items.

Upcycled Bucket Side Table

A couple of five-gallon buckets is ready to give you what you need to make these amazing side tables. Of course, here you will need a few additional materials, but overall this is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get new furniture from an empty five-gallon bucket. And the tables are really adorable when they’re finished. Last, you can put it indoors or on your patio.

Bucket Seat

Do you have a couple of five-gallon buckets?  You can turn them into additional seating with just some fabric and a mattress pad for the cushion. These are really easy and will not take you long at all to make. Moreover, you can use these for outdoor or indoor seating and they are perfect for little ones. In addition, you can use the inside of the bucket for storage, so they are really great for kids’ rooms for keeping art supplies or smaller toys put neatly away. So, there will be more purpose in one project.

Repurposed Bucket Swing

Have you ever imagined having an adorable toddler swing that you can make from a five-gallon bucket? If you have a kid, this project is perfect for giving them some outside playtime. Here, you can use this on your regular swing set if you don’t have a toddler swing on it or just hang it from a tree limb. The tools you need are a drill and jig-saw. Meanwhile, for the materials, you will need a five-gallon bucket and rope. The better idea, you can cover the swing with soft fabric, so it will be more comfortable.

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