Having proper and functional lighting fixtures in your bathroom is important, but it’s just as important that you like the way it looks. It’s probably where you spend the morning getting ready for the day. Changing the lighting is one of the quickest ways to transform the overall feeling of your bathroom. Therefore, it is important for you to check all the information on DIY Bathroom Light Fixture You Can Easily Create At Home.

Bathroom Light Fixture From Ceiling

Bathroom light fixture from ceiling DIY Bathroom Light Fixture You Can Easily Create At Home


To create any light fixture, you need to consider using the best light bulb. Here, you are suggested to use LED bulbs as a friendly and less energy light bulb item. When you use LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs, it will feel great to know that you are helping the environment. Then, the tools you need to create this light fixture are tape measure, drill, miter saw, table saw, drill bit, Kreg jig, and sander.

Vanity Light Fixture

Vanity light fixture DIY Bathroom Light Fixture You Can Easily Create At Home


Industrial-style light fixtures are popular as fashionable light. This vanity light fixture is not only stunning but also not such a difficult DIY project. Moreover, this project with its modern look will never break your bank. Meanwhile, the result is awesome. The tools you will need to create this project are titanium drill bit, drill press, drill, level, screwdriver, and wire cutters.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture

The farmhouse is known as a popular style as well. It shows us a set of gorgeous rustic light fixtures where many people will adore. Look at this bathroom where everything is that beautiful. While the stealing one is the lighting. The tools you need are a drill, white paint, and wire.

Mason Jar Bathroom Vanity Light

It is a home budget light fixture DIY project. Why did we mention a name like that? Yes, because it is a repurposing project where you will only need to renew your old items. The supplies you need are mason jars, LED light bulbs, bronze spray paint, sharpie, hole saw, drill, and old light fixtures. The first step is removing the old light fixture. Next, the second step is spray painting. Then, the last step is Installing Mason Jars on the light fixture.



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