The wood crate project is known as an endless décor item. Then, wood crate is also inexpensive and versatile to add functionality to your home with your personal touch. All ideas are collected in A One Day Repurposing Wood Crate Project With Function And Flare.

Diner’s Delight Painted Vintage Crate Organizer

Diner’s delight painted vintage crate organizer One Day Repurposing Wood Crate Project With Function And Flare


This wooden crate is a smart idea to house your utensils, condiments, napkins, and a small vase so you will have all you need to set the perfect table. We can mention it as a dining organizer masterpiece. Then, since it has handles, it is easy to carry from the kitchen to the dining room or vice versa. Moreover, it can be also good to enjoy your modern picnic with your family.

Wood Crate Stand For Hobby Storage

Wood crate stand for hobby storage One Day Repurposing Wood Crate Project With Function And Flare


It is an open display to store your reading books or collection of stamps. Besides, it can fit any room without consuming much space. After that, the twin shelves create enough space for multiple hobby storage for you. Moreover, the topmost part there can serve as a storage area for frequently used items such as car and house keys, so you will not hard to find your most needed item every day.

Movable Laundry Crate

Sometimes, the clothes in your home are too heavy to carry into the laundry area. Therefore, build a movable laundry crate like this is a good idea. When the cleaning day is coming, you can swiftly wheel your clothes and bedding to your favorite laundry spot. However, it can help you if you keep it downstairs, as it can be relatively heavy when fully loaded.

Creative Storage And Lighting Elements

This DIY hanging storage box is ready to enhance your living room’s aesthetic appeal. The good news is it will not consume any floor space because you can drill it into the wall. After that, you can add some lighting accents at the top or bottom for a more creative look. Here, you can go for LED lighting patterns to host the weekend event. Last, this storage space can hold your books or interior accents.

Exotic Wood For Interior Décor

For this project, you will only need to get high-quality organic pots to enhance plant growth’s natural processes in your living room. Moreover, the size of the crate is purely aesthetic. Then, you do not have to ship wooden storage boxes while you can craft the used pallet with hardwood finishing to turn into beautiful interior décor.


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