Lighting fixtures for Bohemian décor celebrate several things: free expression, nature, unique shapes or colors, and “perfect imperfection”. Whether they are chandeliers, pendant lamps, sconces, or table lamps, Boho lighting fixtures will instantly make any room interesting.

Which lamps should you install in your Bohemian interior? Here are several beautiful options to try.

  • Macrame Lamps

The beauty of knotted fibers (macrame) has long been popular among Boho style enthusiasts. Macrame fabric often appears as shades for table or pendant lamps. The knotting designs give these lamps a subtle tribal charm, perfect for a Bohemian décor. The fabric is ideal for a more laidback Bohemian style.

Use a macrame for lampshade are unique in such a way that attracts attention in the main bedroom in an attractive manner.

This macrame chandelier is a great way to add bohemian trends to your room in a more relaxed way.

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Round shape chandelier, has a macrame fabric with fairy lights that will easily create a focal point to decorate your bohemian room.

Macrame lights in this bohemian bedroom work well on the ceiling of the room. The light produced will also add drama to your main bedroom.

The unique style of this room is highlighted by macrame chandelier. Combining this style with a bohemian style touch is the best way to improve appearance.

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Using macrame lights in the room brings an excellent display factor to draw attention to bohemian quotes.

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  • Moroccan Pendant Lamps

Many elements of Bohemian décor are influenced by Moroccan styles, including the lighting fixtures. Moroccan pendant lamps feature intricate details and elegant shapes, a combination ideal for a modern Boho style. Some Moroccan lamps have rich, bold colors, while others put emphasis on details and shapes instead of colors.

This dining room uses a Moroccan pendant lamp for decorative lighting. With candlelight, any bright color will look great in room decoration.

This is a good choice for combining something interesting, like Moroccan chandeliers in the dining room. This creates a soothing light to make you comfortable.

Using Moroccan chandeliers displays intricate details and elegant shapes and can be a focal point in dining room decor. Pair with classic furniture and other ornaments.

For a more attractive appearance, Moroccan chandelier with a classic shape is the right choice for decorating your dining room.

Use Moroccan chandeliers to display intricate details and elegant shapes. Place it on the dining table to focus when you eat.

The Moroccan chandelier in the dining room inspired by this bohemian style displays silver accents and the final touches of exquisite glass.

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  • Pear Pendant Lamps


Bohemian décor is about embracing uniqueness and flowing shapes. Pear pendant lamps may come in simple designs, but the shape suits the Boho look. You can find pear lamps made of various materials, from rattan and wicker to metal.

The white pear pendant lamps in this kitchen add a little energy to a quiet room. With a neutral feel will add an attractive display texture.

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This dining room embraces the uniqueness and flowing shape. White pear chandelier will make a prominent decoration on the dining table.

One of the nuances of a bohemian house is painted in white to create a broad feeling visually. The lighting of some white pear chandeliers makes a firm statement.

image source

White pear chandelier became one of the focal points of decoration in this boho dining room. Simple design, but the shape matches the look of Boho.

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In addition to the unique chandelier, this dining room has a decorative glass pear chandelier that makes the room have abundant light and lifts the look.

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This unique pear pendant lamp is made of woven rattan that matches the feel of the room. With minimalist decor, this dining room can look very maximal.

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  • Embossed Ceramic Table Lamps


Ceramic table lamps are already stylish and chic, but embossed ceramic make them more attractive. These lamps often feature repeated patterns that subtly reminiscent of tribal design. They are perfect to compliment a Boho room, especially if you prefer a subtle design.

Embossed ceramic table lamps in this room are the main focal point of decoration. This cream lampshade is placed on both sides of the bed which creates an attractive decorative appearance.

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Ceramic table lamps arise have special tasks such as reading books. By displaying repetitive patterns that subtly remind us of tribal designs.

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  • Rattan Drum Lamps

Rattan drum lamps are ideal for rustic Boho interior. They are available as pendant lamps, sconces, and table lamps. The natural material provides a distinctive texture and looks without being overwhelming. Rattan drum lamps are perfect neutral features in a colorful Bohemian room.

From a decorative point of view, hanging lamps offer the widest variety of choices. Selecting the drum lights will create an attractive boho look.

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To slightly highlight the bohemian talent, this rattan drum chandelier is suitable for your dining room. Place it above the dining table to perfect the boho style very well.

Bohemian house appearance by adding a rattan drum lamp to create a harmonious and attractive appearance.

With a rattan drum chandelier, this room emits cold light and gives a decorative look in an attractive way.

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The rattan drum chandelier in the room is a great way to add not only light but also beauty and elegance. With warm tones, your room will create an attractive appearance.

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Rattan drum chandeliers can provide ambient lighting or increase the focal point of light in the dining room. This rattan chandelier will release warm and dim light to the dining table.

Rattan drum chandeliers are the focal point of room decoration. Be sure to place the chandelier high enough so that the light will focus precisely and precisely.

You can apply a rattan drum lamp to your dining room decor. Pair with shades of white with wooden floors and furniture to get the perfect boho look.

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Choosing the right lamp is not just about the function. Make sure to buy the right lighting fixtures to make your Bohemian décor more beautiful.

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