Your bedroom is your private place to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. And to achieve those goals, a proper bed, some pillows and blanket is not the only things that you need to consider. Yes, a great bedroom also need a great decoration. Below, we’ve collected 5 great ways to make up your bedroom decor!

1. Plants

The concept of this project is by adding the outdoor inside. If you are a newbie, you can simply give your bedroom a ‘greenery’ vibe so you won’t harm the plants later on. But if you’re an old veteran in this game, try as best as you can!

Traditional headboard is boring. Look for a large plant with a naturally spreading growth pattern and big leaves and your living headboard continues to thrive.

Adding a houseplants are the fastest and easiest way to add a touch of botanical decor to your room

Go bold with a wall mural above your bed, or simply add a floral design along your upper wall

Or make your life easier by adding an accent walls to add a wow factor to your bedroom

Give the old-fashioned hobby of pressing leaves or flowers a try, and create a botanical gallery wall.

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2. String lights

String lights are so versatile even if it’s not Christmas anymore. Adding a string lights to your bedroom is so easy to do. So let’s make a statement with it!

If you have a vintage mirror, beautify it with a string lights can make it more Instagram-able

Look on how the string lights do the work. Your bedroom become more romantic only by hanging the string lights

A stunning and bright string lights headboard will definitely catch the attention

Have canvas but have no drawing skill, make a glittering lightscape on it

If you have some unused jars at home, then a DIY mason jar lights should be your next DIY projects for your bedroom

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3. Wall Decor

Since nobody wants a boring wall, adding a wall decor is the alternative. So let’s repurposing items you already have into decorative objects and making your own pieces of art to display on the wall. It truly does many a transformative difference, and plus, you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

Let’s create your own affordable gallery wall by printing a wall art to be hanging on the wall

If your wall is full of flowers like this, I bet you don’t need a headboard anymore

A pegboard looks good basically anywhere, especially for your bedroom. And you can customize it as much as you want!

Hang a vintage area rug or quilt that you have, and voila, a gorgeous wall hanging is in your hand

If you have an old canvas, be creative! Paint them over. Or for a more easier way, buy one second hand.

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4. Hanging or Swing Chair

When we still a baby, swinging motion makes us feel free and calm. So let’s bring those sweet sensation to your bedroom. Since hanging chair is a bit pricey, let’s make it by ourself!

If you got some bean bags, just simply add a hole on the edges and attach some chains. Done!

Repurpose your pallet into this gorgeous hanging chair

Learn how to make this Macrame furniture so you can have this hanging chair in your house

This genius hanging chair is made of the print fabric

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5. Lampshades

Changing out a lampshade to better coordinate with your decor is much more affordable than buying a new lamp. Whether your room needs a face-lift or you’re just feeling crafty, these DIY lampshade projects are a great place to start.

Create a cohesive color story with the yarn that you want to use and warp it in your old lampshade

Gather some string beads to make this elegant chandelier. It take a long time to make, but the result will worth to wait!!

Paint your old lamshade to make it new. Or, to get the best result, use a stencil to keep the pattern

Bring your old sweater and repurpose it into a lampshade. But opt for clothes that are not stained or ripped

Paint your old lampshade with white or black as the base and experiment with prints and bold colors

Give your old lampshade a new look by creating this ombre effect using a standard fabric dye

Cast a Lampshade Out of Concrete to make a high-end looking lampshades

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