Making something by yourself, or we can say, DIY-ing, is really satisfying. It is not only save the money, but it can also upgrading your skill. And plus, this is the best way to add much personality to it. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start your day with making a DIY bench for your home!

1. Benches with Storage

If you have a problem to store your stuff, a storage bench is all you need. Storage bench provides both extra seating and another place to stash your stuff. And plus, it will make your home more beautiful, efficient, and functional.

If you need an extra storage for your kid’s toy, this DIY storage bench will safe you

No more shoes cluttering the mudroom

This stunning bench is easy to make, store your stuff greatly, and beautify your space in an instant

A simple benches to sit and store the stuff tidily

Adorable storage bench for a clutter-free person like you

Your mudroom need this storage bench. Agree?

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2. Outdoor Benches

Enjoying the noon in your outdoor space with tea and friends need a great seating. These easy DIY outdoor benches will surely catch the attention. Have a seat!

Breathe your old door a new life with this project. It only need an hour of total to build it

This project is the perfect fix for any leftover bed frames you happen to have lying around

No screws are needed to build this stylish DIY bench

A gorgeous benh that doubles as a planter

Just a few bricks and a wooden plank make for a pretty, natural-looking outdoor bench

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3. Upholstered Benches

An upholstered bench is a great piece since it can be used in bedrooms, entryways, bathrooms and many other spaces. Yes, you can place it almost in wherever you want. With this upholstered bench DIY, you can turn a piece of fabric into a functional piece of custom furniture that’s simpler and more affordable to make. The best part? No sewing or carpentry skills are necessary.

This comfortable bench will easily accommodate all the stuff at home

This chic bench was originally made as an additional seating for the dining room but of course you may use it in various ways

Diy coffee table transformed into a vintage bench

An amazing tufted bench with contrasting legs that will bring a refined touch to any pace where you use it

A super stylish entryway bench, which is upholstered with bright orange fabric and will make a statement in any contemporary interior, especially a neutral one

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4. Bedroom Benches

Let’s make a gorgeous bench to polish your bedroom look! Look at the ideas below and choose the ones you like!

Scrap wood bench made of a leftover fabric

Cover your bench with cowhide pillow and cowhide bench is ready to rock

Colorful bedside bench for your pet to sleep and relax

A pallet bench with built-in storage to give your clutter a proper home

image source

5. Benches with Hairpin Leg

DIY hairpin-bench to fill your dining room seating

image source

DIY hairpin-leg branch for the entryway to catch bags and coats, perfect at the end of a bed to perch on while you get ready

image source

Affordable DIY floral bench with gold hairpin-leg

image source

A do-it-yourself hairpin-leg bench mix with the right rug, a few framed photos, some plants and you’re good to go

image source

A hairpin leg bench is a pretty easy and inexpensive project that will immediately add style to any room in your home

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