Building your own things with the DIY projects brings a certain feeling of satisfaction. Then, umbrella stands are a place to keep all the umbrellas in one place and keep them from making your home wet. Here are the collection of DIY Aesthetic Umbrella Stand Ideas To Create Yourself For Hallway.

Fun Umbrella Holder

Fun umbrella holder DIY Aesthetic Umbrella Stand Ideas To Create Yourself For Hallway


It is a clever umbrella stand project that great to put in your hallway. Moreover, it has great lighting from the outside to make it easier in choosing your umbrella but also unique and decorative. The tools you will need for this project are scissors, drill, utility knife, jigsaw, metal snips, jigsaw blades, and three small clamps, one large set of pipe clamps, a plastic container, clean rags, foam brush, and fine-grit sandpaper.

Cute Sonotube Umbrella Stand

Cute sonotube umbrella stand DIY Aesthetic Umbrella Stand Ideas To Create Yourself For Hallway


This cute umbrella stand is ready to give a good impression to your guests. The materials you need are Sonotube from cardboard, cork roll, contact paper, spray paint, tape measure, marker, scissors, a box cutter with a sharp blade, plant drip tray, and a glue gun.

One Board Umbrella Stand

One board umbrella stand is made from wood as a great project for a beginner. This project can be done in a short amount of time and a few supplies. The supplies are one wooden board, corner braces, and a few other things. The good news is this umbrella stand is good either for indoors or outdoors.

Shipping Pallet Umbrella Stand

Are you looking for a rustic umbrella stand? Here is the idea. It is preferably made from old materials, then the old pallets are the things that you will need. Besides that, do not forget that you will also need wood screws, nails, a circular saw, measuring tape, and a drill.

Wire Mesh Umbrella Stand

A mesh wire umbrella stand is sturdy enough to hold a lot of your umbrellas. The materials you will need for this project are sturdy wooden board, wire mesh, veneer, wire, and wood strips. Meanwhile, for the tools, you will need a sander, jigsaw, staple gun, snips, and tape measure.

Sectioned-Off Umbrella Stand

Look at this nice, clean wooden umbrella stand with separate holds for four umbrellas. It offers you neat and slim where you can ruck away behind the front door. On the other hand, it certainly presents a cute little project that is ready to make your life easier on rainy days.

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