Barrels might not seem very stylish. Surprisingly, it can very interesting as indoor and outdoor item decoration. Check all the ideas in DIY Compelling Ways To Use Wine Barrels For Decoration.

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen furniture DIY Compelling Ways To Use Wine Barrels For Decoration


It is mentioned as an incorporate idea of the barrels into your furniture’s design. Look at this kitchen island design. You will see barrels as part of the supporting base but they are incorporated in the design and the base has wood construction with a texture and finish very similar to that used for the barrels.

Two Side Table Or Nightstands

Two side table or nightstands DIY Compelling Ways To Use Wine Barrels For Decoration


Here, you can go more creative and use a single barrel to make two unique nightstands or two side tables. To create the table, you can just use the top part of two individual barrels. Then, make sure you cut them straight. After that, you can use the tables in the living room, reading corner, bedroom, or any other room in your house.

Barrel Cushion

Somehow, in a traditional home or a contemporary space with casual décor and a mix of styles, an old wine barrel can easily be integrated into the form of an ottoman. You may cut it down to size and put a cozy cushion on top. Besides, the ottoman could also become a coffee table.

Mini Garden

You can upgrade the level of the barrel by creating this mini garden. Here, the idea is to cut the barrel in such a way that you create three levels. Then, you would have to use wood planks to give shape to these levels but it’s all simple. Next, place the garden at your front entrance, in the backyard, or even inside or on the balcony.

Barrel Porch Or Terrace Decoration

This is a great project that would work well for a porch or terrace would be this one. It is a barrel that could no longer be used for storing wine. So, It will be useless until someone decided to upcycle it. You can do the makeover where the top became a succulent garden while to bottom got an opening with a cozy cushion where cats or small dogs can sit. Moreover, the table extension is useful as well.

Outdoor Wedding Barrel

Barrels would look best in the garden where they would integrate perfectly into the décor. Besides, there are lots of ways in which you can use them there. Here, it will sound very unusual and maybe even crazy, but if you want an outdoor wedding and if you’re a fan of the rustic or vintage charm, you may use the barrel as a sort of table for pretty decorations.

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