If you want to start giving a touch of green to your houses but were not encouraged for fear that they would not survive while you went on vacation, here is the solution. You may create fake plants. All ideas are collected in DIY Fake Plants That Easy To Follow For Home Decoration.

Dimensional Cactus Plant

Dimensional cactus plant DIY Fake Plants That Easy To Follow For Home Decoration


It is a dimensional fake plant that would be great as a gift and indoor plant. The supplies you need are a foil applicator, plastic sleeve, scissors, glue sticks, printable cactus template, small decorated tin cans, filler to hold up plants uncooked rice, or fish tank gravel works great. After that, to complete this project you will need to have a laser printer to print the printable for foiling.

DIY Fake Topiary

Diy fake topiary DIY Fake Plants That Easy To Follow For Home Decoration


Look at this fake topiary, it looks so real, isn’t it? To create this one, you will need a thin and straight tree branch. The other materials are the woods, foam/oasis, flower pot, fake greenery. You will also need hot glue and a gun, wirecutter, scissors, and florist’s wire. This fake plant can last for many years and can easily be restyled to never look dated.

Tissue Paper Flower

It is a tissue paper flower that easy-to-make as an aspiring deco. It is perfect to dress up your home, your office desk, or to use as a centerpiece for a dinner party or even handcrafted wedding reception decor. The materials you need are tissue paper, twigs, scissors, a hot glue container, and pebbles.

Paper Cactus In Box

This paper cactus inbox is so pretty. The materials you need are a paper box, metallic white case, cactus template, scissors, gel glue, cardboard, cardstock, yellow card, coral cord, gripper, and heart piercer. By looking at the materials, you will probably decode to create this cactus right now.

Paper Chinese Money Plant

This fake plant is so cute to be put in your living or bedroom. The materials you need are green paper, wire cutter, wire, paint, paintbrush, scissors, glue stick, hot glue gun, a pot of your choice, foam, pebbles.

Paper Heart Leaf

Philodendrons is an expansive genus of plants home to many favorites from the gorgeous giant split leaf to the more delicate moonlight, which are popular as houseplants. The materials you need are green paper, scissors, wire cutter, brown paper tape, oasis bind wire in natural, floral foam, and vessel or pot.

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