Replacement doors come in a variety of styles and materials that can give any building a new look. They’re available for homes of all sizes and types, from single-family houses to apartment buildings. If your current entryway is looking dated or damaged, replacing the door is a great way to refresh your home’s appearance while improving security and energy efficiency at the same time.

While installation isn’t difficult per see, it does involve working with heavy objects on ladders or rooftops, so it can be helpful if you have someone who can help you with the job to make sure it goes smoothly. Here are some factors you should consider when deciding whether to hire a professional or do it yourself.


Installing replacement doors can be quite expensive, especially if you hire a contractor to do the job. If you’re shopping for entryway doors without considering installation costs, it’s easy to end up paying more than you intended.

Installing replacement doors yourself is often much cheaper than hiring a professional because there are no additional fees associated with DIY projects. You may save hundreds by purchasing your tools or borrowing them from friends or family members. You’ll also be able to choose the exact type of door that fits your needs for less money than what retailers are asking since most stores set their prices. 

However,  DIY installation does not always save money. Experts from Simpson Windows & Doors believe that If you’re not confident in your abilities or don’t have the right equipment, it’s best to hire a professional. Otherwise, you could risk causing damage that will cost even more than what a contractor would charge for installation.

Time Commitment

Whether you decide to hire a professional or do the job yourself, installation takes time. Not everyone has the extra day or two needed to complete an installation project, so it’s helpful to know how much money you’ll save before investing your time. If you are working with a very small budget, hiring a contractor can be worth the extra expense because it will free up your schedule for other important things while giving you more control over what gets done. 

Equipment Needed

DIY installation requires very little equipment. While it’s helpful to have a ladder and drill, you may be able to borrow them from friends or neighbors instead of having to invest in your tools. You’ll probably need professional help if you’re dealing with an especially large door, but for smaller ones like closet doors, many homeowners can complete the job without assistance.  

Professional installation requires more equipment. Contractors generally need their ladders, drills, and other items to do the job safely. If you don’t have all of these things at your disposal, then hiring a professional can be convenient because they will already have what is needed for the job. 

Skill Level

Installing a new door is only slightly more difficult than hanging a heavy picture, so it’s well within reach of most people with basic DIY skills. The process of replacing the door involves measuring the opening where you want to install the door, removing your old door and installing the new one, adding hinges if needed, attaching weather stripping to help keep out drafts, and closing up all openings around the frame. You may need to attach the doorknob, too. If you’re not good with tools or don’t feel comfortable completing this type of project on your own, then hiring someone more experienced is highly recommended.

Weather Considerations

Temperatures should be above freezing when you’re working on this project, or else you run the risk of damaging or warping any wood doors that aren’t completely dry. Snow and ice can interfere with installation, so avoid doing your work if there’s likely to be bad weather in your area before the job is completed. Also, avoid direct sunlight because it can cause the wood to warp.  

On the other hand, contractors can finish the job even in bad weather and will generally have all of the tools needed to get the job done. 

Finishing Touches

The last thing to have in mind is the recession needed when measuring the opening where you want the door. Most doors come in standard sizes, but if you need a larger or smaller size, then you will need to look into custom doors that are more expensive than typical choices. If precise measurements are not taken care of, then it can lead to embarrassment and spending more money because sizing errors may require additional work if they don’t fit well.

Hiring a contractor is in most cases worth the extra expense if you don’t feel comfortable doing the job yourself. They will have everything needed to make sure it gets done right, even in bad weather, and will save you time so you can focus on other important tasks. However, if you are confident enough that you can do it yourself, make sure to keep all these factors in mind, and prepare yourself for a fun and challenging project.


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