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59 Inspiring Vertical Garden Ideas for Your Small Space

Vertical garden is a garden that grows vertically using some support system. This technique can be used to create living screens between different areas and also providing privacy to your space. You can use vertical garden to grow flowers, vegetables, or even a succulents. We can say that anything grown on a trellis or even a fence is technically part of a vertical garden.

Many people using this technique to ensure that they are using their space to its maximum potential. With a little planning and the right materials, vertical garden can be created that allow you to grow almost anything. During harvesting crop from vertical garden, it is significantly easier than with a conventional one because you are able to harvest while standing mostly upright or completely upright (depending on the vertical level being harvested). If you feel interested and wanted to make one for your own, check out theseĀ 59 inspiring vertical garden ideas for your small space below to inspire you. Enjoy!

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