Offices in Australia are ranked among the world’s greenest, with Sydney’s green office square footage witnessing significant growth. Lush green properties now dominate the market for commercial offices located in this region. The government is committed to providing a healthy living environment for all residents by creating a green canopy over Sydney by 2030.   

Plants add character to otherwise dull office space and provide a peaceful, contemplative setting amidst all the hectic activity. When you are surrounded by greenery, it helps you develop a stronger connection with nature. Indoor plants in Sydney are known to have a positive impact on employers and employees alike as they:

  • Reduce stress with their calming influence
  • Increase productivity as plants help brighten your day
  • Decrease fatigue, concentration problems and infuse a feeling of overall well being
  • Make workspaces more attractive for job applicants
  • Keep the air clean by absorbing the carbon dioxide present indoors
  • Lessen noise levels of background office chatter by absorbing sounds
  • Boost creativity 

For your indoor plants to thrive so they can serve their purpose of beautifying and purifying your office environment; they need regular maintenance. A healthy appearance takes effort so leave the watering, fertilising, trimming, cleaning, and pest control of these lush beauties to the experts. Only then can you successfully bring a touch of the heavenly outdoors inside your workspace.

Sydney is home to many green inner-city properties, and authorities plan to continue supporting this healthy trend. Plant specialists can guide you in choosing indoor plants in Sydney, which can prosper given the levels of light and space your office offers. Suggested here are five indoor plant arrangements which are sure to bring life into your workspace:

Corn Plant

This plant looks attractive as a yellow stripe runs across the middle of each leaf. It removes air toxins common to indoor spaces and adapts well to conditions prevalent in an office facility. Corn plants require filtered sunlight or light shade and less water in the winter months.

English Ivy

These evergreen climbing vines thrive with little care provided they are kept in the shade. Giving them sufficient water to keep the soil moist in their initial years equips them to tolerate dry conditions once fully grown. This plant works wonders when you have an office space with poor air circulation, like in congested regions of Sydney CBD or Parramatta. 

Peace Lily

The simple white lilies this plant sprouts add a touch of elegance to your office interiors. This plant thrives with low maintenance when kept in the shade and exposed to minimal light. They help clean the indoor air and do not require excessive watering.

Boston Fern

Ferns add a bright green look to your indoor office space and flourish in humid conditions. Provide them with indirect light and moist soil to retain their healthy look. When you create the right environment, this Boston variety prospers for a long time.

Chinese Evergreen

With little maintenance, low to indirect light, this plant produces visually appealing two-toned and shiny leaves. They prefer warm to moderately humid conditions and demand moderate watering. It makes them perfect for Sydney’s sunny summers and mild winters. Maintaining the indoor temperature at above 55 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Since summer in the city experiences 68-74 degrees F, it works. 

Hire indoor plants from a centrally located Sydney based company known for its green fingers, expert knowledge, and top-notch customer service.

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