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33 Best DIY Vegetable Garden Ideas

Life today is completely practical. Similarly, about food, usually as modern humans we want something practical and instant. It’s no secret that this practical and instant thing makes it easy for us in everything. Like food for example. Practical and instant food is everyone’s choice to save more time and energy. But are you aware that these instant foods are not healthy for the body? Many studies from health practitioners that instant food or junk food is not healthy for the body.

Many factors cause these foods are not healthy for the body. One of them is due to food preservatives in instant food or junk food. Also, the fat in it contains a lot of cholesterol which is harmful to the heart. Even so, there are still many who like instant food and junk food for reasons other than practical is good taste. But for those of you who want to change to have a healthy diet with vegetables, you can change it from now on.

Wooden garden bed with round iron trellis for vegetable propagation media.
Wooden garden pyramid with box planter on each side.
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Raised wooden garden bed for tomato planter with floating shelves on beside.
Square wooden garden bed for chili’s planter.
Raised garden beds from wooden logs that arranged neatly in rectangular shape.

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DIY cinder block planter for vegetable garden that arranged in vertical way.
Raised vegetable boxes for vegetable garden idea.
DIY vegetable garden idea that merge for dog house
Hanging rattan basket for DIY vegetable planter.
PVC pipe vegetable garden that arranged neatly in vertical way.
Tin can vegetable garden on the wall.
Hanging tomato planter with unused paint bucket
Vertical vegetable garden that hung on the wire trellis.
Raised wooden garden bed for lettuce planter.

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Vertical vegetable garden in plastic bottle pots.
A-Frame Hydroponic System for vegetable garden idea.
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DIY plastic barrel for lettuce planter.
Vertical wooden vegetable box planter in pyramid shape.
Vertical Aeroponic Farming on the fence.
Vertical vegetable garden with plastic bottles.

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Aluminum pot for vegetable garden idea.
Colorful containers with wooden trellis for vegetable propagation media.
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Garden screening for vegetable garden idea.
Vertical lettuce planter ideas that made from wood.

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Wooden vegetable garden idea with wood divider
Wooden box planter that hung on the wooden fence for vertical vegetable garden idea.
Heart-Shaped wooden garden bed for vegetable garden ideas.
Concrete garden bed for vegetable garden idea.
Small wooden vegetable box for herbs planter.
Hanging vegetable planter using plastic bottles.

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The pictures above are examples of vegetable plants. By having your own vegetable plant at least you will be motivated to consume more healthy vegetables. If you don’t have a large room to grow vegetables, you can follow the example above as a reference. You can use such as wood, old bottles, and wire as a medium for plant life. Utilizing these materials can not only use small land but can also reduce waste.

You can use your narrow land as a gardening place by arranging pieces of wood into squares and placing them in your garden as a medium for growing plants such as chili. Or you can use a trellis as a vegetable propagation media such as pumpkin or eggplant. This can save enough space. In addition, you can use used mineral water bottles to grow your vegetable crops. You can attach this used bottle vertically up or hang it. This method is quite interesting as a useful decoration.

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