The ideas of garden beds for front yard or back yard are coming for the one who like to spend their spring at home. This season is good for you who like to see the flower growing and some butterflies over the garden. Here are some garden beds ideas that can you try for your house.

1.Colorful Garden Bed Made from Painted Cinder Blocks.

Colorful garden bed made from painted cinder blocks.

Your front yard will be more cheerful by putting some colorful cinder blocks. Plant your flowers and arrange it to make it looks tidy. Just make your own garden bed and let your house be one of the best places to spend your time.

2. Rustic Bed Frame

Rustic bed frame

A former bed can be transformed into an amazing garden bed. You only need to add soil and compost and plant the flower on it. Wait for some days and you will see the flower grows quickly.

3. Garden Bed from Bricks

Garden bed from bricks

Arrange some bricks and make it rounded. Then, you can plant some flowers at the center of it. It will beautify your front yard.

4. Wire Spool Planter

Wire spool planter

To make this wire spool planter, you need some effort. You can put this wire spool planter at front yard or back yard base on your desire. But, you have to pay attention to not maintenance this garden bed regularly.

5. Recycled Plastic Bottles Garden

Recycled plastic botlles garden

This is an amazing project for you. With some recycled bottles, you can make your simple garden bed at your front yard. Don’t be worry, though it made from recycled bottles but the design will be wonderful.

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6. Old Wagon Wheel Garden Bed

Old wagon wheel garden bed

Let see this beautiful and unique garden bed. Do you like this design? It doesn’t require more time. You need to put some soil and fertilizer at the old wagon wheel and plant some planters you like.

7. Old China Plates Garden

Old china plates garden

It is a simple idea for having wonderful garden bed for you. Just plant the old China plate a half or more and let the other part outside. Make it surround your planter or whatever the shape you like.

8. Concrete Blocks Garden Bed

Concrete blocks garden bed

Here, it is most common garden bed that usually used by people who has wider front yard. Row the concrete block as you like. Then, plant your flower and make it a little flower garden.

9. Wooden Pallet Garden Bed

Wooden pallet garden bed

Wooden pallet is smart choice to make DIY garden bed. It doesn’t take much budget to have wooden pallet. Subsequently, the result will be magnificent for your front house.

10. Umbrella Garden Bed

Umbrella garden bed

A former umbrella can be transformed into a surprising garden bed. Pour the soil and compost at the umbrella with already put inverse. Then, plant your flowers or other planter you like on it. Let it grows for some day and see the result.


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