Hippie style comes with all the great groovy look which is really cool and unique. I do believe that for you who love to look different and anti mainstream, hippie will be the best choice for you. The other great idea is that you can also make your kids to have the groovy look and become as impressive as you. No matter what the gender of your kids are, whether girls or boys both are possible to have this hippie look.

You may confuse on how to dress your kids into hippie look and where you can get the costume and all of the accessories for your kids. Well, just be easy and trust me that you can even create this look yourself by doing some mix and match with what your kids already have in their closet. First of all, try to look at some pictures below to give you the illustration.

Brown boots with tassel
Brown cutbray pants for kid
Brown vest, colorful shirt dress and headband
Owl character shirt
colorful color t-shirt that match with headband
Cat character custom for kids
Cut bray jeans and vest
Flower dress and white boots
Flower dress and white boots
Flower dress and white shoes
Flower pattern cutbray pants
Flower skirt and white boots
Green pants and colorful pattern t-shirt
Headband and polka dot pattern dress
Mosaic pattern T-shirt and black boots
Furry vest and brown cutbray pants
Unique loose skirt
Unique pattern cutbray pants
Unique pattern dress and tassel boots
Unique pattern pants
unique pattern tassel vest and headbands
Unique pink pants
Unique vest and flower dress
White dress and brown tassel boots
White pant, unique vest and black boot
White T-shirt and blue cut bray jeans
Yellow tassel vest and flower pants
Tassel vest and cut bray pants
Tassel vest and blue jeans

Now that you have looked at the pictures you can get a better imagination and maybe some ideas inside your head on how you will dress your kids. If you pay attention of the pictures you can find some characteristics that hippie looks have from the clothes, foot wear, and the headgear. Those things can be your reference to find what you may needs from your kids’ closet.

Let’s say if your kid is a girl, you may need to find any colorful dress, tassel boots, old style glasses, and headbands. Or, if you want her to wear trousers, you can make her wear cut bray trousers with t-shirt or shirt and don’t forget for the headbands. For boys, basically there are no big difference with girls except for the dress, of course. Just please happily try this cool hippie look for your kids and get the matching performance between you both.

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