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8 Creative DIY Yarn Crafts for Your Home Decoration and Other Purposes

Who doesn’t know yarn that can be used for so many utilization. From knit-work for your clothing, accessories, toys, to decoration, almost all purposes can be deal with yarn. It has so many colors choices with lot of different tones where you can even confused by the choices. Maybe that could be the reason why this famous yarn becomes something that is loved by so many people.

It will be great for you to try do some creation by using yarn. It is really worthy since there are so many choices of DIY yarn from the easiest to the most difficult one. You can find the one that fit your crafting ability and time possibilities. Check out some of the easy DIY yarn crafts below that we have chosen for you. We serve you with some yarn crafts that can be used for your home decoration and other purposes which are really interesting for you try.

Circular Wall Hanging

This handmade yarn craft creation can be used to decorate your room. To look simple and cute, it is better for you to use rope with a blend of colors. After that, place the yarn craft in your strategic room so that you can beautify the room.

Polka Dot Small Container

This yarn craft can be used to store several small items. You can make it yourself by preparing paperboard and then forming it like box and then wrap it using threads with various bright colors, after that you can create polka dot pattern for all around the side. Moreover, place it on the study table or dressing table will also great.

Swirly Shoes Decoration

Your craft shoe yarn decoration can be created by using yarn. You can use cardboard and make a small circle pattern, according to your shoes. Your shoes will look fashionable for everyday use.


Yarn craft is also possible to decorate table lamps. To make it more attractive you can use bright colored threads. Put your table lamp in the kitchen to beautify the room and to create good lighting.

Wrapped Wreath

This DIY wreath yarn craft is good for your front door decoration. Simply adjust the shape of the circle. To make it more interesting, you can use soft color threads.


This is a good yarn creation, called Pom Pom. This is can be used for bookmarks and decorations at the same time. This will make it easier for you when reading books. This creation also allows the children to make it themselves.

Pom Pom Chair

To improve the appearance of your plain chair, you can install pom pom that made of yarn craft. In order for the pompom to be more interesting you can use brightly colored ropes. After you apply the pump to your seat, it will make it more comfortable when used and more attractive.


To decorate the table in the fall season, you can use orange pumpkin. In order to make pumpkin look different from the others, you can create it using yarn, then wrap it into the pumpkin to make it look cute. You can apply this creation to celebrate this season.

We do believe that after you notice the DIY yarn crafts above, you finally realize that this yarn craft is really possible for you to try. You can even make the pumpkin by using yarn which is really suitable for this season. You don’t need to use the real pumpkin that will be rot soon and prefer to use your pumpkin handmade that can be certainly durable.

Don’t forget that you can also do it with your kids at home so that you can have a good quality time together and create beautiful moment with them. Don’t wait too long! Go prepare for your own yarn crafts. Find your favorite colors yarn and purchase it. Get the rest materials from your unused stuff at home. Happy Crafting!

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