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25 Small Backyard Designs with Swimming Pool That You’ll Love

Backyard is a free space behind our house that can be optimized to be a useful spot to enjoy the spare time together with family. Some house owners use their backyard for the green garden which is productive enough for plants like herbs, flowers, vegetables, or fruits. On the other hand, some others like to have a swimming pool in the backyard. The reason is simply to enjoy the spare time by doing the easiest sport in the nearest place. It is exciting to set the swimming area in the backyard. A swimming pool in the backyard will also make us feel comfortable and get our privacy perfectly. Anyway, to reduce the chemical uses and give your pool extra protection from bacteria and viruses, you can apply the pool ozone systems.

As swimming is the easiest sport we can do at home, we are also able to set the environment around the swimming pool with an interesting setting. This idea aims at making us get more enjoyable while we are swimming. First, it is a must that we have to provide our backyard with fence. There are many kinds of fence material such as from wood, bricks, bamboo, etc. We surely have to consider the height of the fence for safety and privacy reason. There are still some adorable tricks to beautify your swimming pool. Put some chairs and a round coffee table. When all the family gathers, they can enjoy sun bathing and drink a cup of coffee while the others are swimming. It does not matter to have a small or large swimming pool. It depends on our available space and need. A small swimming pool with unique design seems interesting enough. Plants some plants or high tree to create a fresh ambiance and shady place. Furthermore, some additional decorations like fireplace and dining table can be the options to complete the swimming pool area. To create unique swimming pool, we can make a unique small waterfall and fence from stone and gravel. This idea surely adds the natural ambiance of the backyard. Some rustic ideas can be apply to our swimming pool with wooden deck, wooden stairs and wooden fences. If we want, the wood may be replaced with bricks or stones. Well, to give more inspirations, just scroll down this page and find the design of swimming pool that represents your style.

Small Round Swimming Pool from thespruce

Stone Walls Swimming Pool from thespruce

Corner Swimming Pool from thespruce

Poolside Dining Set from thespruce

Letter Shaped Pool from thespruce

Pool with Natural Shades from thespruce

Concrete Pool from thespruce

Terraced Pool from thespruce

Pool That Merges with Patio from thespruce

Blue Accents Pool from thespruce

Modern Swimming Pool from thespruce

Level Swimming Pool from thespruce

Double Round Pool from thespruce

Lap Shaped Pool from thespruce

Built-in Lighting Pool from thespruce

Blue Water Swimming Pool from thespruce

Multi-storey Pool from thespruce

Rectangle Pool from thespruce

Natural Light Pool from thespruce

Square Pool from thespruce

Semicircular Pool from thespruce

Round Wall Pool from speakerq

Oval Pool from thespruce

Swimming Pool with Hedges from speakerq

Warm Pool with Fireplace from speakerq

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