Something that you may not realize where bathroom is a place that can influence your mood. A bathroom that has a clean, neat, and pretty look has the ability to make you more relax and happy by its serene atmosphere when spending time there. With a comfortable bathroom, you can also relax your body under the warm water shower after your busy hectic day. In this case, if you are asking how to create that bathroom, then the answer is by having a minimalist bathroom with its white color scheme to give a wider, cleaner, and brighter impression. Stay on this page and let’s talk about it further.

Basically, there are several designs of minimalist bathrooms that you can try, and the design that may the easiest one is a bathroom that is made without partition. As we all know that the existence of the shower screen will make your bathroom look tighter even you build it on a transparent wall, so that if you are brave enough to have a bathroom without any partition, then it won’t only give you a wider impression but also a unique and artistic one. Don’t forget to make it in white for most of the things like the wall, the floor, and the ceiling. You can give another touch to make it not look monotonous, but make sure that you don’t make it too much because it will give a different impression and the feeling of serene will be reduced. The lighting takes an important role as well. You should install the lamps that proper enough to make your bathroom bright since the brighter you lighting, the wider room impression you’ll get. Now please look at our gallery down below to make sure that you get the ideas. You can also find some other wonderful serene bathrooms that you love to be applied for your own bathroom. Enjoy!

All-white bathroom with white marble and chandelie from chanfetti

Marble herringbone tile floor bathroom from houseofjadeinteriors

White cabinet from themarblehome

Black bathtub with white cabinets from architectureartdesigns

Hexagon flooring with white sink from harmonyanddesign

Light grey floor tiles with white cabinets from decorpad

Modern scandinavian bathroom with big mirror from trendedecor

Patterned floor bathroom tile from glamconscious

Patterned rug with white wall from monikahibbs

White bathroom design with two mirror from

White bathroom design with white cabinets from jihanshanum

Round mirror and white cabinet from onideal

White bathroom with greenery from apartementdecor

Marble herringbone bathroom floor

White bathtub with towel shelf from kateknowleshome

White cabinets with flower decoration from

White marble bathroom with white sink from deavita

White marble floor with white ceiling from trenduhome

White marble for bathroom with two mirror from onekindesign

Brass shower wall with white cabinets from clubhousebarberini

White tube and chandelier from amdolcevita

White sink and white curtainv

White wall with hanging plants from joecatherine

White walls rectangular mirrors from harptimes

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