You may have some wood logs at your yard which are just piled up that way. Well, if you own that then we have some good ideas on how to make use your logs that can even become the treasure if you know exactly on how to utilize and juggle the logs into some valuable things. In this case, of course you will do the DIY projects because you have to deal with your own things and give extra value in it.


Here you can find some adorable furniture that are made of logs. The furniture here will give you such a rustic or farmhouse impression which is really warm. Moreover, the natural form of the log may allow you to have the unique look of the log. You know that wood has its own pattern inside that can be your benefit if you get the pretty one. It also has the unique curvature that show you the uniqueness of the wood and of course you’ll get an extra aesthetic value.

DIY double wooden beam coffee tables idea as furniture in your living room
Formed into a small table for additional furniture in your living room
Wooden cabinet decorated with beam to store books and various small ornaments
Wooden table from the old log to store decorative plant near the sofa
Unique chairs and round coffee tables that are made of small logs. Add the table with the glass as the inspiration for your furniture
Log table with wheel to make it easy to be moved
Round wooden beam to store your decorative flower in a vase
Wood log coffee table that is made of old logs with its natural wood color and shape. Give the wheel and you’ll move it easily
Lounge chair made of old log material. Arrange it based on your body height.
Unique log chair that is crafted into unique form

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For the ornament, you’ll find it easier to make because it won’t need precise form just like what the furniture need. You’ll be more freely to express your imagination in doing your DIY log ornament project. There won’t be any rule that you should follow because for ornament, the aesthetic value is way more important than the function. But here, we will show you on how the ornament could have the functional value.

big wooden beam candle holder that made of old log
Wooden beam to store pencil so it doesn’t get messy
Round old log that serves to buffer vases to make it look different
Unique ornament old log to be used as your phone stand
Wood beam clock that utilizes an old log for unique ornamentation on the wall
Old log ornament in the form of candle holders for table decoration
Small wood beam arrangement to create ornament for your wall decoration
Unique centerpiece from old log and succulent for your table decoration
Unique wooden hook from old log can be useful to hang keys and towels
Natural wooden beam flower vases made of old log

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Basically there are some possibilities that you can do with your logs but here we are talking about something that can utilized for your home decoration that is focused into the furniture and ornament. Since the purpose here is on how you can make the logs to have function then we really make sure that even the ornament won’t only become something to be display but also can have functional value. Go do your own logs project now!

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