You may have some wood logs at your yard which are just piled up that way. Well, if you own that then we have some good ideas on how to make use your logs that can even become the treasure if you know exactly on how to utilize and juggle the logs into some valuable things. In this case, of course you will do the DIY projects because you have to deal with your own things and give extra value in it.


Here you can find some adorable furniture that are made of logs. The furniture here will give you such a rustic or farmhouse impression which is really warm. Moreover, the natural form of the log may allow you to have the unique look of the log. You know that wood has its own pattern inside that can be your benefit if you get the pretty one. It also has the unique curvature that show you the uniqueness of the wood and of course you’ll get an extra aesthetic value.

This dining chair made using wooden log material will present a perfect natural touch. The owner coated it with wood-colored paint and a little penis so that it will present a beautiful and shiny appearance. Dining Chair from @rusticmountainhome.

This bed made using wooden logs looks more creative and inspiring. It has a simple design and lets the wooden logs appear natural, as a result this furniture looks very aesthetic. Wooden Log Bedframe from @beachhousewa.

Look at this coffee table! Made with a DIY project makes it look very creative. The appearance of wooden logs arranged into a coffee table will present a special charm to your home. Here you can also add glass on top to make it more perfect. Log Coffee Table from @vulpe_home.

Interesting right ? This small dresser is made using wooden logs. The texture produced from this wooden log dresser presents a very interesting visual appearance and manages to steal attention. Small Dresser from @northwoodstradingpost.

Instead of buying at the store, these kid beds are made with DIY projects so they look very creative and inspiring. The creator chose to use wooden log material to make this kid bed so it would make it different from usual. Kid Bed from @organskywoodworks.

Take a look at the image above. This textured TV stand which is produced from wooden logs will present a very aesthetic appearance. The creator coated it with lacquer so it would give it a shiny look. TV Stand from @rayorlovsky.

Who would have thought wooden logs would be beautiful furniture. Take a look at this coffee table, made using wooden logs and glued together, making it look very aesthetically pleasing. You can place it in the living room or in other areas so that it manages to steal the show. Round Table from @claytocanopy.

You can never fail to use wooden logs to make furniture. Here you can use it to make a bunk bed so that it is stronger and looks aesthetic. Here you can also add a side table made using wooden logs to make it look the same. DIY Wooden Log Bunk Bed from @wisconsin_log_furniture.

Look at the picture above! This neatly arranged dining chair looks aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t it? Of course. Made using wooden logs by means of nails, making it look attractive and still strong enough to support whoever sits there. Small Chair from @rusticbestofthewest.

The wooden logs that are strung together to form a chair will be a piece of furniture that manages to steal the attention of every guest who comes. Here you can add a pad to this chair to add comfort and make it look more perfect. Chair Pad from @hiddenlakefurniture.

Bringing a natural touch to your home decor is an interesting idea. One of them is that you can present a DIY wooden log chair there. Having a size that is high enough to make it present a different look than usual. Tall Chair from @timberdog_slab_designs.

Unique and creative. This dog bed is made using wooden log material so that it succeeds in presenting an aesthetic appearance. In making this dog bed you only need wooden logs, nails, hammer and machete. Dog Bed from @blueridgelogworks.

The wooden logs that are strung together into this chair will present a very aesthetic appearance. It has a small size, so this chair is very cute and very kids friendly. Rustic Chair from @greenleaf_gallery_co.

Look at this table lamp! Made using wooden log material will make it look very aesthetic. The yellow lamp that comes out from between the cracks will present a beautiful appearance and very perfect lighting. Table Lamp from @lux_sabre.

This bed is equipped with a log headboard so that it will provide perfect comfort. In addition, this headboard will give a very aesthetic appearance with a natural touch and can inspire everyone who sees it. Log Headboard from @adklogworks.


For the ornament, you’ll find it easier to make because it won’t need precise form just like what the furniture need. You’ll be more freely to express your imagination in doing your DIY log ornament project. There won’t be any rule that you should follow because for ornament, the aesthetic value is way more important than the function. But here, we will show you on how the ornament could have the functional value.

This one candle holder succeeds in presenting an aesthetic appearance in your home. It has a small size and is decorated with star accents, making it successful in stealing the attention of everyone who comes. Wooden Log Candle Holder from @ilevasseur_designer.

This planter looks simple but manages to steal the show. It is made using a wooden log and has two small holes, making it very suitable for succulent planting ideas. Finally, you can display it on the shelf so it will give a refreshing look. Log Planter from @be_coorie.

The wooden logs that you assemble into this reindeer ornament look cute and adorable. Having a size that is not too big makes it able to be displayed anywhere you want. This craft will never fail you to try. Reindeer Ornament from @beerhillwoodworkandvintage.

This Snowman is made using wooden log material so that it succeeds in bringing a natural touch. The creator painted it white and added other accessories to make it look real. Snowman Ornament from @chalkamemory.

Try using wooden logs to make crafts in your home. Now you can take a wooden log and make three holes in the surface and it will become a beautiful candle holder. Horizontal Candle Holder from @tmrrwneverknows.

Look at these candles! Equipped with a wooden log candle holder will make it look more beautiful. The creators kept it natural so they managed to achieve a very stunning natural look. DIY Wooden Log Candle from @lunacraftsonline.

You will not use wooden logs to make ornaments in your home. Now you can use wooden logs to make flower vases so they will look very attractive. Here you can display it on the floor so that it can be exposed perfectly. Natural Wooden Log Vase from @planit_thedecorcompany.

This carving wooden log looks very attractive and has high artistic value. Some moss attached to this wooden log will make it look more attractive and different from the others. Heart Carving Ornament from @heart_woodcrafts.

Interesting right ? The wooden log that was used as a candle stand succeeded in presenting an attractive aesthetic appearance. Its slim and tall shape will make it work well as a candle stand. Log Candle Stand from @heart_woodcrafts.

Who would have thought wooden logs could be an interesting craft. Here you can paint on this wooden log so it will make it look more beautiful. You can display this hand painting log art anywhere you want. Hand Painting Log Art from @thevalleeworkshop.

Basically there are some possibilities that you can do with your logs but here we are talking about something that can utilized for your home decoration that is focused into the furniture and ornament. Since the purpose here is on how you can make the logs to have function then we really make sure that even the ornament won’t only become something to be display but also can have functional value. Go do your own logs project now!

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