Paper plates are not only used on party and to put dry food. Paper plates can be turned into various kinds of crafts. You can combine it with colorful paper so that the craft you make is more colorful. Decoration from paper plates can be made into various shapes and can beautify your home. Crafts for children by using paper plates have a lot of potentials to be made into various kinds of games, props, decorative items, which they can use to decorate the house or play with your child’s friends.

Create a toy car using paper plates and used cardboard. The materials needed are not difficult to obtain. You only need to use used cardboard, paper plates, straws, and small sticks. Another toy that can be made is artificial butterflies. Beautiful butterflies can be made using white paper plates and popsicle sticks. To make it more colorful, you can paint it with a variety of colors.

Bird and Nest Plate craft
black cat craft from paper plate
colorful chickens craft from paper plate
creative 4th of July Hat
creative craft beetles with wings from paper plates
cute butterfly craft
Fishbowl Paper Plate for kids
paper plate fish craft
paper plate flower craft
Paper Plate green Snake craft
Paper Plate Owls craft
paper plate red dog craft
Paper Plate Turtle pattern
paper plate white clock craft
rainbow craft from a paper plate
rainbow craft with paper plate and crepe paper
turtle craft from a paper plate and diamond paper
Umbrella plate Craft

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bear craft from paper plate
creative dragon paper plate
cute Paper Plate Mouse craft
cute paper plate wreath craft
DIY lion mask from paper plate
Paper Plate Butterfly craft
paper plate car craft combine with used cardboard
paper plate craft rainbow
paper plate grey koala craft
Paper Plate orange Fish craft
paper plate rabbit hat
paper plate space trajectory
paper plate tennis racquets for kids
a paper plate with pattern watermelon
paper plate with under the sea design
smart storage with paper plate craft

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You can create an unused paper plate stock as a room decoration. Make the paper plate into the shape that you want such as the shape of fish, koalas, butterflies or wreath craft. Then stick the paper plates on the wall using double-sided tape, and arrange them neatly based on your creativity. Use a bright color on the paper plate decoration to make it look attractive.

For those of you who have small children, you can make them smile happily by making them cute hats made from paper plates. You just have to make a hole in the middle of the plate then combine it with rabbit ears. Your child will look cute when wearing it. Paper plates can also be made into other items such as pens, scissors, and other stationery. With a little effort and creativity, you can make DIY from paper plates like the example above. Very easy, and certainly useful!

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