St. Patrick’s Day is the time when everyone wears green, and every corner of the city has a green decoration. You must be excited thinking about what to wear for the celebration. However, have you thought about putting on some hair accessories?

These DIY St. Patrick’s Day hair accessories ideas might turn your hairstyle into a chic one.

1. Metallic Hairpins

It sounds very simple, but you can make an outstanding look with it by doing it right. 

Match the hairpins with the green outfit you wear. You will need more than three hairpins to style your hair. Then, put the same amount of hairpins on your left and right side of the temple. Choose the metallic ones so that they look standout and stunning.

Short hair with green accent color, then make amp up a top knot with double bobby pin triangles. It’s look stunning for your hairstyle to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day.
For a look that’s a little bit metal and a whole lot of drama, place trios of pins all around the crown of your head. Like this picture, will be look stunning in your head for example.
Simple as your medium-length hair. Build some major dimension with just three bobby pins. The side your head giving attractive-look by this metallic hair pins.
Medium-length hair, upgrade any braid by swapping out a hair tie for a series of angled bobby pins. As a result, your hair look gorgeous with this metallic hairpin idea.

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2. Spring-themed Headband

St. Patrick’s Day is held in the spring season, so it is a good idea if you wear spring-themed accessories. Though they were only used by the hippies back in the days, the headband is now one of the must-wear hair accessories. 

You can add flowery greenish decoration into your headband to complete your look. For those of you who have quite long hair, braid it to turn you even prettier. 

Green flower headband idea. the mixed green in every accent of flower over the headband giving a prestige-view. The Saint Patrick’s day will come with joyful, so better you wearing this option.

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Headband with paper leprechaun hat. You only need a few materials to make this adorable leprechaun hat. As a result, it’s giving awesome accessories in your head.
Clover leaf is a symbolic of Saint Patrick’s day. It’s can be many accessories to do, for example this headband. Giving a clover leaf over the headband more impressive.

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Stunning clover leaf headband. For celebrate the Saint Patrick’s day, you will better make a beautiful craft like this headband. In your head, it’s look stunning also make your outfit come perfectly.

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This simple DIY St. Patrick’s Day hair accessories will stun everyone.

3. Scarf

The scarf can be simply made from a green fabric that has been cut off into a long shape. Either wear it as a headband or hair tie, it is up to you. You can also create a simple hair bun with the scarf, and you’re good to go! 

Beautiful deep green scarf with clover leaf patterned. It’s suitable for your outfits in Saint Patrick’s Day, the green color also giving more impression of St. Patrick’s day.

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Knitted scarf is awesome to made. With clover leaf at the end made the Saint Patrick’s day more cheerful also giving you best outfit of the day. Not only that but also giving you warm in neck.

Image Source

Creativity is never limit. This scarf is made from used cloth, you can cut over the cloth into strip line. Then you can tied every each the top become one scarf.

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For suggestions, opt for the black or army color to match your outfit better.

4. Leaf Wreath

Leaf wreath would look so fabulous when you attend a St. Patrick’s Day party or parade. You can easily make the wreath with a standard wire wreath frame and dried leaves.

Green & white shamrock ribbon wreath. It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s day celebration. Not only that cute but also awesome to place in your front door.
Handmade St. Patrick’s day wreath. Have a green cap in the center of the wreath also the feet in the bottom. The greenest color domination is impression of Saint Patrick’s day.
St. Patricks shamrock wreath, it’s simple and easy to make. The clover leaf add decoration to be beautiful, finally it’s perfect time to show up your craft.
Grapevine boxwood door wreath, green plant is always the best basic idea to create this wreath. Especially for celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, the huge clover leaf decoration in center is make perfection, too.

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Your goddess-like appearance would liven up the celebration. This accessory suits you better in a dress and simple makeup. Moreover, any hairstyle goes well with this item.
Hope you find those DIY St. Patrick’s Day hair accessories helpful. Be as creative as you can to create an even more amazing hairstyle!

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