In order you live in a small apartment or house that give you only limited space to cover all the room needs as the real sufficient house, you can outsmart it by eliminate the dining room space need into a small functional breakfast nook. You can simply choose the best nook spot at your home, if possible, choose the one with an outdoor view near the window so that you can have a wider impression and good view while enjoying your meal. Since this breakfast nook is the only space you can have to really enjoy your meal, you have to make it as cozy as possible and make sure that the design is fit you best so that you can be content to spend your time there.

Based on its circumtances where it only has a little space, you need to consider to use the modern design for its minimalism and simplicity principle that will fit the little space a lot. However, you can add some other touch to give a calm and chic impression or any other touch that will be compatible with your apartment/house style, in order you don’t use the modern style for your occupancy decoration. Back to the modern breakfast nook, as it will be directed into the modern style, then you need to prepare the table that suitable with this style. Commonly modern table style has a glass surface or a sleek surface in any materials that will support this surface texture. Don’t forget to choose the table on neutral colors such as white, black, brown, beige, and more. The lighting is also important as it will bring out certain accent and warm yet artsy impression. You can choose the lighting that is in line with your table style and color. Adding some ornaments sufficiently just to make a little pretty touch, because too much ornaments will make you breakfast nook looks too crowded and uncomfortable. The pictures below will give you some real illustration of gorgeous breakfast nooks. Keep on this page and have fun!

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Modern breakfast nook ideas

Modern breakfast nook design

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Breakfast nook ideas

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