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11 Genius Small Kitchen Ideas With Sky-High Cabinets

Small kitchen area can be difficult sometimes where you will get troublesome to place your appliance and other whole kitchen things. In case you are trying to find storage space, you can try to look at parts of the room that you don’t normally think about. There will always be space left when you think you have no space at all, let’s say the upper part of your kirchen wall. I mean that you can still elevate your kitchen cabinet, no wonder about it! If you really wish to have the extra storage for your small kitchen, then, the sky high cabinet will surely perfect for you.

There are some kinds of sky high cabinet that you can try to apply for your small kitchen. The first one is an open display cabinet. This wall cabinets can be fixed up on the wall wherever it is possible based on your kitchen condition. This kind of cabinet will allow you to show off your things in a nice way such as your expensive cup and plate collection. Don’t forget to make a playful display to beautify the look. The next one is the hidden away cabinet. It can be used for some things you’d just prefer not to be on display, Closed storage like this hidden away cabinet will keep everything safe, dust-free and out of the way. The next consideration is that you have to choose the right color for your cabinet, since it will cover up your wall till the border of the roof, don’t use the striking color because it will make your kitchen look too crowded. You better choose the calm colors and get your best sky high cabinet view. Check out the gallery below and find the inspiration!

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