Are you interested in woodworking projects? But… you don’t have time to learn the techniques. Why don’t you make simple based projects this week? First of all, you need to cut the wood. Prepare other tools and supplies like nails, hammers, or glue. Then, create anything you want; a wooden box, wooden palette, wooden shelf, etc. No need advance skills. Even if you are a beginner, the following ideas are easy to copy. Check them out below and get more inspiration!

Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden candle holder


Get a chunk of wood and two horseshoes. Attach the horseshoes on each side of the wood. Make them more stable with a hammer and nails. Then, put on some candle holders on it. Use this wooden candle holder to decorate your mantel. 

DIY Wooden Block iPad Stand

You can make it soon. This DIY wooden block iPad stand will be ready to use in minutes. Make your newest technology works well with the rustic item. Look at this combination, an iPad with a modern design and a wooden block that handle it well. Cool, huh? A beginner can make this in less than an hour.

DIY Wooden USB Drive

Though online clouds are popular right now, some people still use USB Drives. They need them to save data when they are in a place with no internet connection. Make your own DIY wooden USB drive like this. Feel free to customize the size and color. You can add some stickers too.

DIY Simple Wooden Boxes For Beginners

Do you need extra storage to save tiny things? Wooden boxes are more durable. They defend against water and sunlight exposure. Creating this project asks for less money rather than buying it in a store. Cut the wooden block into four equal rectangular. Then, make the box by attaching each plank using glue.

Wooden Wine Storage Shelf

This shelf holds more wine bottles. Make it by using a wooden plank with some small holes. Inset the wine bottles in each hole. Then, you will get wine storage that also looks decorative. It is a simple project that a DIY newbie can finish in minutes. 

DIY X-Frame Table

We love this table. You will love it too. Look at the design. You will need a hammer and some nails. Get some wooden planks and cut them out. Then, arrange them to make the table. Use longer planks to make X legs. Finish this project in a day and get a new table soon.


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