During summer, consider creating a summer ambiance in your home is recommended. Summer has an impression that will give us a positive spirit. Imagine when you can have a fun and cheerful atmosphere inside your house! That will be really great and comfortable to spend your time there. Anyway, providing the summer touches makes you confused, sometimes. Deciding the things to be added is not easy. But here, we will show you a summer home tour that will consist of any part of home decoration to give you references. You can even get the outdoor part of the decoration which is the patio and back terrace. Check them out!




Summer Porch

Repainting the porch with a white and light blue color theme will present a coastal look suitable for a summer theme. DIY wreaths made with various kinds of fresh flowers and hanging on the front door will present a very beautiful look in summer. Potted flowers are displayed right next to the door, which will bring freshness naturally. Then you can also add a DIY flamingo pillow to complement your porch chair so that it will provide comfort as well as a perfect summer decoration. This porch decoration idea is very simple but still looks stunning in summer.


This entryway decoration is equipped with a carpet made of sisal so that it will present a coastal look that is suitable for a summer theme. This DIY wreath made using twig manages to bring the perfect rustic look to your summer entryway. You can also add a DIY flower arrangement made with sunflowers to make it look even more beautiful in summer. You can display it on the console table and also in other places so that it will make your entryway look more attractive. This summer decoration idea is very easy and suitable for all circles, therefore you can try it now.

Living Room

It has a coastal theme, making this living room perfect for summer. The bamboo chair, which is equipped with a soft pad and pillow, will make it provide perfect comfort in your living room. This medium-sized DIY flower wall art will add beauty to the summer decor in your living room. A flower arrangement made using leaves and flowers will present a very beautiful and fresh appearance. In addition, the sisal pendant light will add perfection to the summer decor in your living room so that it will look perfect.


Pillow is one of the accessories that must be in your bedroom decoration. This Pillow was made with a DIY project that manages to bring out a creative and inspiring look. Having a pineapple, anchor, and lobster pattern will make it look perfect in summer. Blue geometric wall art hanging on the wall, will make your bedroom decor look more attractive and will become the focal point in your bedroom. The mini house plant which is displayed on the side table, will make your summer bedroom decoration fresher with a natural touch.

Dining Room

Are you decorating the living room? If so, painting some walls green is an interesting idea so they will look brighter in the summer. Adding a flower arrangement made with a DIY project, successfully makes your summer dining room decoration look more beautiful. Made using various types of flowers and leaves, this flower arrangement will look absolutely stunning. Placing it in a desk bag, this flower arrangement makes a perfect centerpiece for summer. Several house plants that are displayed in the corner of the dining room will present freshness and natural beauty in your dining room.


Express your creativity to decorate your bathroom to make it look more trendy in summer. Bringing a touch of color is an excellent solution for summer decorating ideas. You can make some DIY crafts such as flower arrangements, cactus, butterfly and others to make it look more festive. A colorful tissue flower arrangement arranged in a vase jar and placed on a shelf will present a beautiful appearance. Then you can also display some cactus made using green paper there so that it will present a contrast that makes your summer bathroom decorations look more alive than before.

Summer Kitchen

Make your kitchen look more attractive in summer. Instead of presenting professionals, you can decorate it yourself so it will look more creative. It only takes a little effort, you just take a few plants from the garden and make a flower arrangement. Then you can display it on the wall to bring a natural freshness there. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use plants you get from the garden to decorate the ceiling to make it look more attractive. A few sprigs of lemon hanging on your kitchen window, manage to steal the show and make your summer decorations come alive in an easy way.

Laundry Room

Get a laundry room decoration that looks trendy in the summer. It doesn’t have to be complicated, repainting the furniture in the laundry room is the perfect solution. Choosing a blue color to paint the furniture in your laundry room will present a perfect coastal look and is suitable for a summer theme. A potted house plant placed on a countertop will bring perfect natural freshness to your laundry room. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also display DIY flower arrangements in the sink area so that it will provide a beautiful view and can improve your mood.

Powder Room

This powder room decor was made with a DIY project and managed to make it look more trendy in summer. You can cover an empty wall with coral wallpaper so that it will present a beautiful beach look and will never fail in summer. Then you can also add a mirror with a DIY frame made using seashell and it will strengthen the beach look in your powder room. Finally, you can add a yellow tulip flower arrangement that was made with a DIY project so that it will bring out its natural beauty and succeed in stealing the attention of everyone who comes near.

Back Terrace

Colorful themes will never fail for back terrace decorating ideas in the summer. Rattan chair which is equipped with a pad and pillow will create comfort and a very attractive appearance on your back terrace at the same time. Colorful lanterns made by DIY project will be quite an interesting lighting idea for this summer theme. Then you can also add a banner garland made using colorful fabrics so that it will make your summer decorations more lively and with a little effort.

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