Let’s begin this debate with a clear statement – there is nothing wrong with using a portable generator for your residential purposes. In fact, the portable generators work as a reliable and handy option to have in your kitty. 

But if your residential region is a significant subject to frequent power outages, you should think of investing in a standby or whole house generator now. Here are some factors to help you make your decision wisely and rectify why a whole house generator works the best compared to the portable one. 

Let’s get started! 

Better convenience- No one wishes to have a generator that needs to be switched on or off whenever required. This is the reason why most people look upon an automatic standby or whole house generator. This generator type switches on automatically when the power goes out. All it requires is to be maintained and repaired timely. For this, you may need to hire a professional now and then, but that does not seem to be a problem, especially when you are getting such convenience in return. 

Improved fuel efficiency – No homeowner would love to pay a hefty amount of money for fuel every month or year. When you order a portable generator, you need to buy sufficient gasoline or propane to run it. This means additional expenses. The whole house generators can be attached to natural gas lines running inside your home for cooking purposes. This helps you cut down on other costs while offering you fantastic savings opportunities. 

Installation – A portable generator is either rented or purchased for a limited time. This adds to your generator installation service charges and other maintenance costs as well. On the contrary, when you go for generator installation service for a whole house generator, it sounds more like an investment forever. Therefore, intelligent homeowners prefer to install an entire house generator once and wave off the installation hassles forever. 

Better safety – Rare people know that running a portable generator consuming propane-powered fuel can lead to unexpected accidents putting the nearby home at risk. A minor negligence in the operational inefficiency of portable generators can release fire fumes creating a fire hazard in and around the house. 

On the other hand, the whole house generator system is installed in a safe environment and runs on natural gas lines, eliminating all chances of fumes or fire hazards. This is a crucial factor compelling homeowners to prefer whole house generators rather than portable ones. 

Whole house generators – 

These generators act as a long-term and wise investment that saves you from suffering power outages. All you need is to go for a reliable generator with the best installation service provider.

At last – 

Whether you go for a portable or whole-house generator, in the end, it should serve your purpose without burning a hole in your pocket. But when it comes to investing in a reliable option for residential areas, there is nothing better than a whole house generator that acts as a savior in need of the hour. Rest, ensure to evaluate your electricity usage and requirements to buy the best for your home. 

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