Upgrading a home decoration each season is a must. It is not a good thing to let your fall decor in summer, is it? You should change the decoration with something related to summer. For example, you need to change the furniture items, add pops of color, or change your wall decor. In this article, we are going to show summer decoration ideas that work well for a tiny apartment or small house. Let us check them out further below!

Paint the Furniture

Paint the furniture


Look at this porch that so eye-catching after the owner repaints the furniture. Seeing this house reminds us of the atmosphere of beaches. You can do so for your porch are. Sure, it will not need a lot of money and easy to do. Painting furniture is not hard.

Summer Feel In The Bar Station

Adding some fruity summer cocktails to the bar station also aimed to improve this space decoration It shows us summer feel more than others. Furthermore, this decor is easy and affordable cause you don’t have to buy expensive materials. It is only a bar cart and all cocktails.

Incorporate Shells In The Bathroom

What do you think of this mind-blowing bathroom decor? The shell motif mirror works very well to give an antique look to this decor. The gold color improves it to appear elegant and glamorous. The one who loves prestigious things will adore this decor as well.

Spotlight Coral Decor

Pale green and coral color schemes seem so eye-catching in this room. This tropical-inspired decor will never make us upset. This room looks like an island for us to have a fun summer holiday, right? Some coral pieces on the coffee table are nice.

Treat Your Windows

If you love a beach house feeling, this decoration might what you need to copy. See the heavy drapes and knotted rope that remind us about beach house decor. Then, the decorator of this house adds slag glass and an industrial basket that turned into a coffee table to give a summer feel.

Add Pops of Color

What else will make a room have a summer feel? Yes. Change the color. Adding pops of color is the easiest way ever. And, it will never fail to give a summer atmosphere in your room. No matter how small your house or how tiny your apartment adding bright colors like orange, yellow, and red will improve its look. Dare to try?


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