Nowadays, upcycling projects are something interesting that more people want to do. Changing one item to a different look and function is the key to upcycling. Moreover, you don’t have to do tricky steps because upcycling is easy. Turning an item into another thing is an easy project. We have gathered upcycling projects you might do at home in minutes. You can use something in our home. Check out our ideas further below and get inspired more!

Refurbish Thing into An Incredible Play Kitchen

Refurbish thing into an incredible play kitchen


want to make a new toy for your little girl? Why don’t you try to make this DIY play kitchen this week? It will only need $10 to get this play. You will need some wooden boards and other supplies. Check out more from here to see how to make it. Feel free to customize the size and color you want.

DIY Upcycled Lampshade Vases

Changing an old item into a new thing is not hard. As long as you are creative enough, you can make anything. Remember to prepare and have all tools and supplies. In this picture, we see great vases made of old lampshades. You will not think that upcycling is hard after creating this project. See how to make it here

DIY Upcycled Denim Napkins

Often buy napkins? Why don’t you make them with upcycled denim? It is not a tricky craft. You will need a pair of old jeans in any color you have. Cut them out, and you will get new napkins to use. We believe a DIY newbie can finish it in less than an hour. Easy, huh?

DIY Hanger Picture Frame 

Diy hanger picture frame


Dare to make a new thing from an old cloth hanger? You will need a wire clothes hanger, wooden pegs, craft paint, a brush, and a picture. You can prepare pliers, scissors, and tissue paper flowers to decorate your frame. Check out how to make the frame from a wire cloth hanger from Eskaamakess.

DIY Tiered Tray from Baking Tins

Don’t you want it? With a three-tiered tray, you can save your kitchen things here. It seems like you buy it from a store. To make this DIY try, you need three baking tins. You should arrange those tins vertically. Check out how to make this craft from Grillo Designs. Make sure that you have collected all the tools and materials. You will need tin cans, a stick, a rivet gun, and other mechanisms.


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