Well everyone, what do you do with the tuna cans or any other cans when you are done cooking, though? You probably throw them right into the recycling bin. Do not do it again because we will give you inspiring ideas on Turn Trash To Treasure Projects From Tin Can That Also Appealing.

Woodsy Twine Bound Candle Holder

Woodsy twine bound candle holder Turn Trash To Treasure Projects From Tin Can That Also Appealing


This candle holder project uses a tin can, some twine, beads, and other decorative elements to perfectly hide the tin can. The result is so elegant to accompany your day.

Kitchen Canisters From Home Cooked Meals

Kitchen canisters from home cooked meals Turn Trash To Treasure Projects From Tin Can That Also Appealing


Create this kitchen canister with a little bit of wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper. The result will be so nice homey charm for your kitchen. There, you can store sugar, spices, herbs, or assorted candies for your kids. It looks functional, stylish, and decorative.

Buffet Style With Portable Silverware Caddies

This is the second idea to create an extra creative project from a tin can. On the other hand, it will look so eye-catching to have a buffet-style meal at a party. So, it is mention as a great item to put indoor and outdoor use. Then, this caddy has room for knives, spoons, forks, even to hold your serving utensils. The materials you need for this project are wood, stain, spray paint, leather belt, washers, screws, clear coat, scissors, drill, screwdriver, aluminum cans, and glue.

Springtime Colorful Rustic Hanging Planters

Let us go to more natural decoration with a tin can. It is a rustic charm element to add to your yard. You will need a little bit of paint, a stain, and a ball of wool.

Upcycled Tin Can Organizers

This is called the simplest idea from a tin can project but give the best effect. Here, you do not have to do much to transform a tin can without hiding its true nature. Look at these tin cans that have been painted with a simple design and some metallic paint. After all, it is ready to organize your craft items or anything else.

Nautical Tin Can Rope Vase

It is another simple idea from a tin can that is ready to give a beautiful effect. This vase has a texture of rope that is lovely and indeed has a nautical flair. It can be so pretty in a wedding decoration yet sweet for everyday decoration. The materials you need for this are cans, rope, hot glue, and a glass jar to hold water floral arrangements.

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