Do you love tuna? Sure, we will find a lot of tuna cans in your kitchen, won’t we? It means you create waste more than the one who doesn’t like tuna. And, if we count, it will be hundreds of tuna cans from your kitchen. What do you think? Will those tuna cans destroy our earth? So, we cannot postpone repurposing those tuna cans from now on. In this section, we show you incredible ideas for the DIY cans in different things. Check out!

DIY Tuna Cans Party Light

Diy tuna cans party light


Imagine you have this DIY tuna cans party light on your home to celebrate your birthday. Isn’t awesome? You will get this DIY light only by arranging two or three tuna cans vertically. Then, add great amber-colored light globes to spruce it up. Cool, huh!

DIY Tuna Can Clock

Paint your tuna can in any color you want. Put on the clock mechanism inside. See! This is an easy peasy project that a beginner can finish in less than an hour. What do you think? This pretty cool project is also affordable for anyone who wants to make a clock by hand.

DIY Colorful Bird Feeder From Tuna Can

Treat your birds by feeding them every day. Make your own bird feeder will not spend a lot of money rather than buy it in the store. Just make a tuna can clean and repaint the surface in a colorful way. Then, hang it on your porch. Put the bird food.

Tuna Can Wind Chimes

Well, it looks so big in your garden. This tuna can wind chime works well to decorate your garden. So, it will give sound when the wind blows. It is up to you to repaint the tuna cans or not. But, make those tuna cans look more interesting is also important besides the cool sound.

DIY Tuna Can Tiffin Box

It is time to picnic this week. Summer will treat us a warm atmosphere and give us more beautiful scenery. Carry your meals with this DIY tuna tiffin box. Do you want to bring bread, meat, or fruits? It will be a great idea to ask your friends to join you.

DIY Gorgeous Heart Shaped Bowl

Okey. First of all, you need to repaint the tuna can in any color you wish. You need to be stronger to bend the tuna can to shape like a bowl. Use this to store your accessories might become a good idea.

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