Making our own DIY bags is such an awesome idea. Here, the grocery bag idea is a perfect way to help the environment. If you are looking super stylish when shopping for your groceries in the market, check the information on DIY Fancy Reusable Grocery Bags Ideas To Show Your High Style

Free Reusable Grocery Bag Sewing Pattern

Free reusable grocery bag sewing pattern DIY Fancy Reusable Grocery Bags Ideas To Show Your High Style


If you are a total beginner in the world of sewing projects, this idea will be great for you. It gives you a bit of easy practice in patterning out, cutting, and assembling pieces. The materials you need to create this bag are non-woven fabric, cherry bag pattern, cherry stencil, matching thread, and fabric scissors. The steps are, sew the straps of the bag, prepare and sew the sides and corners of your grocery bag, hem the bag, attach the bag handles, and finish.

Reusable Bag With Wide Straps

Reusable bag with wide straps DIY Fancy Reusable Grocery Bags Ideas To Show Your High Style


This bag is a good idea for you who often carry a heavy thing like milk or juice. You are suggested to use a light fabric, quilt-type fabric. Certainly, it is not a canvas, scrim, jeans, and etc. Because, if the fabric is too stiff, the bag will not be easy to fold in the front pocket.

Pet Food Sack Grocery Tote

Look at this cute and usable pet food sack grocery tote. It is a creative way to get your zero-waste goals to maximally re-concept your empty cat food bags. The supplies you need are an empty pet food sack, rotary cutter, straight edge, coordinating duct tape, and sharp scissors.

Fabric Color Blocked Grocery Bag With Durable Handles

This grocery bag is good for you with a little experience in the world of sewing projects. Moreover, it has durable handles to carry all your belonging. For this, the sewing tool you need is a sewing machine, standard presser foot, and denim needle.  Meanwhile, the materials you need are fabric, all-purpose thread to match fabric, ruler, measuring tape, fabric pen, gauge, ripper, scissors, iron, ironing board, and pins.

Large Pillow Case Tote Bag

Do you want to work with something softer that needs repurposing action? Here, you can reach your old pillowcases and turn them into a grocery bag that is easy to carry. The supplies you need are 1 pillowcase, seam ripper, scissors, and sewing machine.

Old T-Shirt Shopping Bag

To create this old t-shirt shopping bag you will need a heavy-weight cotton T-shirt, sewing machine, medium-size bowl, water-erasable marking pen, and scissors.

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