You might have a dull, wooden cutting board that you no longer use. Are you wondering what you have to do? If you’re tired of throwing out your cutting board, you can repurpose your a cutting board to be something new. This piece of non-descript wood can be a great upcycled piece of kitchen decor or even for other deorative items. Either way, there are several artistic ways to repurpose a cutting board. Consider these ideas to find new uses for your cutting board.

If your cutting board is still in good shape, you can repurpose it into a unique wood serving tray. You can repurpose your an old cutting board to become a planter or holder. For decorative items, you can repurpose the cutting boards as a monogram, home sign, and you can make a painting using an old cutting board. You can even scetch the cutting board with your favorite saying or a quote. Moreover, you can repurpose the cutting board as a notepad or menu board. Regardless of your creative bent, you’ll find some creative ideas with your cutting board. Here are some ideas for you.

Chalkborad Cutting Board from wonderfuldiy 

Stenciled Cutting Board from wonderfuldiy  Cutting Board Note from wonderfuldiy  DIY Paint Flower Cutting Board  from wonderfuldiy Quote Cutting Board from wonderfuldiy 

Kitchen Gadget Cutting Board from wonderfuldiy

Cutting Board Tray from homebnc

Farmhouse Cutting Board from homebnc

Floating Shelf Cutting Board from countryliving Farmhouse Monogram Cutting Board  from bigdiyideas Cutting Board Tray  from bigdiyideas Flower Paint Cutting Board from bigdiyideas Cutting Board Menu Planner from bigdiyideas DIY Hallowen Cutting Board Sign from bigdiyideas Cutting Board Fall Sign from bigdiyideas Vintage Cutting Board from bigdiyideas

Monogram Cutting Board from bigdiyideas

Spring Cutting Board Decor from organizedclutter Upcyled Cutting Board from organizedclutter  Hair Dryer Cutting Board Sign  from organizedclutter  Cutting Board Riser from organizedclutter  Cutting Board Christmas Sign from organizedclutter  Apple Cinder Sign from organizedclutter  Pumpkin Cutting Board from organizedclutter  Cutting Board Wall Hook from organizedclutter  Fish Cutting Board from organizedclutter Cutting Board Vase from organizedclutter  Mini Cutting Board Shelf from organizedclutter  DIY Vintage Cutting Board from organizedclutter  Painted Cutting Board from organizedclutter  Cutting Board Wall Pocket from organizedclutter  Cutting Board Card Holder from organizedclutter 

Cutting Board Shelf from organizedclutter

Tablet Holder DIY from salvagedliving DIY Pizza Board Sign  from salvagedliving Piant Cutting Board  from salvagedlivingHanging Cutting Board Storage  from salvagedliving Cutting Board Upcyled  from salvagedliving Write Cutting Board Sign  from salvagedliving DIY Cutting Board Shelf  from salvagedliving Paint Sign Cutting Board  from salvagedliving Inital Cutting Board  from salvagedliving ChalkboardCutting Board  from salvagedliving Shelf Cutting Board  from salvagedlivingDIY Chalkboard Cutting Board  from salvagedlivingNumber Addres Cutting Board from hgtv DIY Cutting Board with Basket from 1millionideas DIY Holiday Cutting Board from 1millionideas Cutting Board Serving Tray from 1millionideas

Ipad Holder from 1millionideas

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