A wooden box can be a furniture item too. You can use it to store your things. Making a piece of a DIY box furniture item is easy. There is no need for tricky ways as long as you have basic woodworking skills. This simple item is suitable for a sideboard, nightstand, or pet home. We have gathered DIY box furniture ideas that you can make from wood. Customize the size and color according to your design. Check them out further and get inspired more!

DIY Mini Box Shelf With Colorful Backing

Diy mini box shelf with colorful backing


Store your tea on this DIY mini box shelf. You can mount it on the wall to save space in your kitchen. Prepare plywood planks and start to make the box. Follow the instructions more here. We love the colorful backdrop, and so do you. Just add a wallpaper or patterned fabric there.

DIY Retro-Inspired Box

What about this box? We guarantee that it will spruce up your room decoration. Can you see a cat hide on it? This simple box is multifunctional. It can support your room design and become a home for your cat. Add hairpin legs to make it stand stable. Put on a vas of flower on the top. 

DIY Display Box Shelves

Use wine crates if you don’t want to make box shelves by hand. Arrange them on the wall to make DIY display box shelves. Put on your items there like a teddy bear, a vase of flowers, your family photo, or your kid’s craft. 

DIY Wooden Box Shelving Unit

Form a united piece of the wooden box by sticking it to each other. They are dark stains for a rich look book shelving unit. Just attach them to the wall. So, you need not use a hammer and nails. Match the backdrop with patterned wallpapers to get a very cool box unit.

DIY Box Sideboard With Gilded Legs 

This box doesn’t have a back. It will be better to put it closer to the wall. We love the legs with golden touches. You are free to modify the color, size, and even the legs. Use it as a nightstand to store your book before sleeping.

DIY Wall-Mounted Kitchen Box Shelf

This box features some storage units. Even you can use the top of it to store a jar of nuts. Add a removable wallpaper to the back to get a more beautiful design. This wall-mounted kitchen bookshelf will save your kitchen space too.



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