Check these homemade Christmas ornaments below for more DIY ideas. Make an adorable sleds on your branches with made from Popsicle stick and paint them to turn your tree into a mini winter wonderland. Dress up your cabinets and drawers to dress up plain Styrofoam balls. Studded tacks add a glam serious factor and kitchen twine looks rather rustic.

Let’s start to think of walls as blank canvases that are waiting to be filled with color to come alive. Just forget for a second the usual approaches. Cool painting ideas can come from the most simple and unexpected places so keep your mind open. So if you want your walls look outstanding, you need more than just a single accent color or a roll of painter’s tape.

The days leading up to the holidays are usually a busy time of years for us all. We have Christmas decorating, baking, parties and anything else. Remove the ornament top piece and stuff it with beautiful ribbon or twine and cap the ornament off. So pretty and festive and interesting.

Decorating your space for Christmas is very personal. And winter Christmas decoration is not just about the climate because the decorating ideas are very different. It is something that we all desire because snowflakes and the glittering snow can be seen only in some regions. But we can still create a spectacular white Christmas scene at our own home so we can still feel satisfy with these white Christmas decoration even we can’t feel the snow.

These days, is all about recycling. We need to recycle items that we use every day. For example, a toilet paper rolls that can be an interesting decorations for your space. So let’s decorate your walls with toilet paper rolls.

Snowman ornaments are popular. It is a symbolic of the winter season.  They don’t hold any religious or overtones, so they are fun and neutral way to celebrate the season. Snowman is adorable and just plain old fun to make. So we compiled a bunch more adorable snowman ornaments to make for you below.

DIY hanging planters are so easy to make and very cheap. You only need some materials that you have or you don’t use it anymore such as plastic fish bowl to make a hanging planter. Cans are also good for hanging planters. You can paint them and they will look adorable.

Many people adore any type of water feature. An indoor container water garden is perfect for adding a decorative touch to your space. They are also perfect water feature for small space and the great things about it are they are cheap and easy to make. You can also use a lot of recycled or repurposed things to make them.

Rather than spending your money to build new wall, you can simply get a room divider and place it up in the space that you want to divide. There are many ideas of you may implement as hanging dividers are deemed convenient, easy to keep and more presentable. The good thing about room divider is you may use them in nearly every room. Or you can even just add room divider to a current wall in order to raise the sound proof properties.