Decorating your new house is certainly more enjoyable compared to setting up security measures. However, thieves and robbers strike every 30 seconds. Thus, you should prioritize home security. 

The idea that your house is pretty secure would give you the peace of mind to go wherever you want at any time. 


Aside from that, you can also ensure that your family is safe no matter the time of the day. 

Of course, you do not have to spend a lot of money to prevent burglars from attacking your house. The truth is that there are a couple of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tips that you can follow.

Always Take Ladders And Tools Inside After Use

If you are located in a secure area, you tend to get comfortable with leaving your ladders and tools outside after use. You probably think that they’re safe.

However, if you want to make sure that your house is safer, you have to get rid of this habit. 

You should be wary that pry bars, axes, big screwdrivers, hammers, different kinds of armchairs, and more are possible weapons for burglars.

Even just their presence usually gives people bad ideas. Thus, whenever you’ve finished doing your work outside, you have to ensure you put away every tool.

You can either put them back inside your house or in your garage. This is a practical home safety measure that people often ignore.

Utilize Several Locks On Doors

If you want to make your door a lot safer, consider using a deadbolt and a chain lock that requires a key on top of the primary door lock.

You can also apply this idea to windows with locks. Multiple locks mean a more difficult job for the burglar. 

Every exterior lock and door should equally have at least two sets of locking devices. 

Don’t Forget The Garage

Nowadays, more and more criminals are using the garage as the entry point to homes. Even if they cannot access your home, there’s a huge possibility that your garage is filled with expensive items. 

Thus, you should make it a habit to lock every door to your garage. This includes the exterior and interior. 

Also, you might want to think about placing the garage door opener in your house. With this, a burglar cannot grab it out of your vehicle. 

If you’re using a security code to open your garage, ensure you keep it secret. Do not enter it in front of other people. 

Display Security Signs On Your Front Yard

While yard signs might not stop desperate burglars from entering your house, they can prevent intruders since they pass the message that you’ve got a functional alarm system.

It also gives them the idea that you’re monitoring them. Once you see yard signs, almost every burglar will think twice before entering your house. 

If you want your yard signs to get noticed at night, consider installing them with an IP65 COB LED strip light.

Get A Guard Dog

Nowadays, a lot of homeowners utilize guard dogs to protect their homes from burglars.

 Typically, guard dogs require extensive socialization and training. This will help them become friendly towards owners and familiar faces and hostile towards strangers. 

A lot of dog breeds can make good guards. This includes the giant schnauzer, the Doberman pinscher, the Airedale terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Rottweiler, and much more.

Install Motion Detector Lighting

If possible, install motion detector lighting in all nooks and corners of your house. A lot of studies provide that motion detector lights are a crime deterrent. 

In addition to that, a regular hard-wired model only costs around $15 or less. If you’re worried about running a power supply, you can purchase ones that operate on solar power. 

Furthermore, installing motion detector lighting is pretty easy. All you need to do is to follow the instructions. 

Lock The Windows

According to professionals, one common entry point for criminals is the windows. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners forget to lock their windows every night.

In addition to that, manufacturer latches on windows are not always effective. Most of the time, they are extremely flimsy. 

If you do not like the latches of your windows, you can improve security by purchasing key-operated levers or aftermarket window locks. 

If you want to improve it further, other ideas include planting prickly bushes under first-floor windows, adding window bars, installing glass or window break sensors, and more.

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