We’re far more mobile than we used to be. It’s quite common for people to decide to make a big move nowadays, to settle into a completely new life. That’s a great thing, too, because it means fewer of us are stuck in one place. 

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One really major consideration when choosing between city life and suburbia has to be the space issue. Cities don’t really offer much in the way of space unless you’re very rich, whereas suburban life is a more spacious one. 

Particularly for families, the space issue can be a deal-breaker. Additionally, if you’re used to being out in the open, it may be very difficult to acclimate to the more cramped setting of the city. 


As noted above, space is at a real premium for urban dwellers. In the city, every square foot is that much more expensive, which means that everything down the chain is costlier too. It’s economics 101, essentially. 

In this way, living in the city is more expensive for pretty much everything. Sandwiches cost more, travel costs more, coffee will cost more, and so forth. On the flip side, most jobs in the city typically pay more, so it sort of evens out a little. 

Nevertheless, when you have others dependent on your income, the rental prices in the cities will be a real drain. It’s why the commute has become such a feature of modern life for so many Americans. 


A fundamental question you’ll have to ask yourself is, “what lifestyle do I want to live?”. For those who are younger and hipper, it might well be that you’re after the excitement and action of the big city. There’s not much available in the suburbs, for sure. 

Alternatively, if you’re a tad too old to be hip and cool, you might imagine a garden with that symbolic white picket fence. These are some really foundational questions, and for most folks, the answer jumps right into their heads.


While most suburban settings will definitely offer the most standard amenities, you just can’t beat the city for having everything at your fingertips. In addition, suburban life requires having a car, where city life gives you access to buses, trains, and trams everywhere. 

You’re never far from whatever you’re looking for in the urban world, but with the suburban setting, you’ll often have to travel quite far. This means setting aside extra time to do things, and this can be a headache for some. 

Some Final Thoughts

There are a few notable divides in this decision, and perhaps the main one is a “time of life” question. Unless you’re very wealthy, it usually makes more sense to raise a family in the suburbs. 

However, if you’re a dynamic young person looking for excitement, you’re just not going to find much of it in the leafy suburbs. You’re far more likely to be at home in the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape. 



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