There will be a time for you to change your cabinet door or even the cabinet itself. Then, you will have old cabinet doors in your warehouse. Instead of making your warehouse full of cabinet doors, why don’t you repurpose them into other useful things? With a little bit of creativity, you can make impressive DIY projects to improve your home decoration. In these lists, you can see more cabinet doors makeover to copy.

DIY Repurposed Cabinet Door Into Bulletin Board

In this picture, we show you a cool project of repurposing an old cabinet door into a bulletin board. Add a burlap as the backdrop. Then, use a pin to attach photos, cards, or other things that you want to display in this bulletin.

Cabinet Door Chess Board DIY

Do you wish to have a chessboard for your kids? Why don’t make it by hand? In this picture, a creator makes this fantastic chess board from an old cabinet door. Shape the chess floor by drawing the pattern. Feel free to customize the accessories.

Beautiful Cabinet Door Clock

It will be so awesome to have this beautiful cabinet door clock on your wall. See how the creator changes an old cabinet door and paint it with pastel colors that are so eye-catching. Finish it by adding a clock machine.

Headboard From Cabinet Doors

Don’t let your wall over the bed be empty! Use old cabinet doors to fill it anyway. However, you should add interesting items on the first. In this picture, the headboard looks so chic after covered with wallpaper.

Cabinet Door Photo Collage

One of the easiest ways to repurpose an old cabinet door is to change it into a photo collage. Display your kid’s childhood photos in an old cabinet door and give a frame. This item will remind you about sweet memories all time.

DIY Cabinet Door Towel Holder

Repaint your old cabinet door with any color as you like. Add more hooks to hang towels. So, it will ease you to find the towel whenever need. Attac this towel holder in an are that easy to reach near the bathroom.

Cabinet Door Into Shelf

This idea is pretty easy to copy even for a DIY newbie. You don’t need to have a woodworking skill to get this simple shelf. However, be careful to choose the space. Make sure that the wall is wide enough since an old cabinet door could be bigger than the usual board.

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