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Genius Ways To Upgrade Old Bookcase That Affordable And Easy

Are you a book lover? We guarantee that you have at least a bookcase in your home, haven’t you? See your bookcase. When it looks so dull and old, it will be better for you to makeover it to look brand new. So, you don’t have to buy a new one. Just add some accessories, repaint, or change its look. In this article, we will show you genius ways to makeover an old bookcase, Check out!

Add Doors To The Bookcase

Change your old bookcase into a more useful furniture item by adding doors. So, it can be repurposed as a cabinet to keep other things that are easy to break such as fragile items. The bookcase will still store your books too.

Give Wheels To The Bookcase

It will be better to have rolling bookcase in your house. It will easily move around the house without doing more effort. The wheels help it to look more flexible. Furthermore, it looks more eye-catching and chic.

Add Custom Storage on The Top

What a cool idea! This bookcase is completed with toys storage too at the top of it. So, you can easily store your kids’ toys without asking for more space. Take this idea and change your room to look more neat and clean.

Give Texture to The Back

It is up to you to add a wallpaper or decal or any kind of backdrops to an old bookcase. A new texture look will upgrade your bookcase look. You don’t have to ask a professional to do it. Believe us, this project will be finished in less than a day.

Turn The Side With Chalkboard

Spray the side with chalkboard paint to spruce it up. Moreover, you can write down a message or draw a picture of it. Ask your kids to do so to change the messages every day. So, you get more functional bookcase from now.

Paint The Shelves In Contrast Color

Look at this awesome retro look bookcase! The creator changes the shelves’ color to look more eye-catching. Red, orange, yellow, light green, and other bright colors are nice to change old bookcase to look new.

Add Legs To The Bookcase

Give en empty space under your bookcase by adding legs is a great idea. You can swap that space to have a cleaner room. Furthermore, it can be used for creating new storage space as well to keep shoes.

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