Making DIY furniture is really possible to do including the shelves. It will be interesting when you can provide your own shelves based on your home space condition, needs, and taste related to the design. In making it, you can adjust your capability where there are so many ideas that you can make with different levels of difficulty. The materials will also varied. Here, the materials will influence the design style impression you want to create and the level of difficulty also. There are some materials that could be easier to be formed than the others. Here are the references.

Using Rope

There are so many different kinds of rope available, but the most common rope that used to make DIY projects is the jute rope. It has a rustic or farmhouse design impression. It will be perfect for you who have those home designs or for you who want to add a little bit of warmth to your home decoration. You can see the rope shelf designs below.

Two Level Rope Rack from Completely-coastal

Single Rope Shelf from Completely-coastal

Bathroom Rope Shelves from Completely-coastal

Rustic Wall Shelves from Completely-coastal

Hanging Books Shelves from Digsdigs

Modern Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Two Color Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Blue Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Three-layered Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Pot Shelves from Digsdigs

White Hanging Shelves from Digsdigs

Large Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Contemporary Hanging Shelving from Digsdigs

White Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Floor to Ceiling Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Double Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Three Color Rope Shelves from Homedit

Modern Rope Shelves from Homedit

Hanging Rope Shelves from Homedit

Triangular Rope Shelves from Digsdigs

Using Pipe

The pipe is common for an industrial design style. However, you can use it for your modern home design or others. The key is that on how you display the pipe to create the impression you need. You can play with the pipe colors or the finish touches for the character building.

Towels Shelves from Homedit

Copper Pipe Shelves from Homedit

Metal Pipe Wall Racks from Homedit

Pipe Book Shelves from Homedit

Bedroom Shelves from Homedit

Industrial Wall Shelves from Homedit

Three Level Pipe Shelves from Homedit

Black Pipe Wall Shelves from Homedit

Kitchen Shelves from Homedit

Book Shelves from Homedit

Pepe Wall Shelves from Homedit

Silver Pipe Shelves from Homedit

Floor to Ceiling Pipe Racks from Homedit

Two Level Pipe Rack from Homedit

Stylish Pipe Wall Shelf from Homebnc

Floating Pipe Shelves from Homebnc

Large Pipe Shelves from Homebnc

Ceiling-Mounted Pipe Shelves from Homebnc

DIY Copper Shelves from Homebnc

Open Pipe Shelves from Diys

Zig Zag Pipe Shelves from Diys

All-Wood Shelves

It can be said as the most common material for DIY furniture projects including shelves. It can be cheap and easy to be formed into varied designs and varied styles. Curious about the variations? Find the answers below!

Corner Shelves from Homedit

Three Level Wooden Shelves from Homedit

Unique Wall Shelves from Homedit

Floating Wooden Shelves from Homedit

Kitchen Shelves from Homedit

Bedroom Shelves from Homedit

Old Wooden Shelves from Digsdigs

Wooden Floating Shelves from Digsdigs

Single Wooden Shelf from Digsdigs

Reclaimed Wood Shelves from Digsdigs

Floating Corner Shelves from Homebnc

Zig Zag Corner Shelves from Homebnc

Three Pieces Corner Shelves from Homebnc

Triangular Wooden Shelves from Homebnc

Pallet Wooden Shelves from Homebnc

X-Shaped Shelves from Homebnc

Mountain Wall Shelf from Homedesignlover

Red Wooden Shelves from Homedesignlover

Love Wooden Shelves from Homedesignlover

Curved Wooden Shelves from Homebnc

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