How many plans for kids do you make this summer? It will be a long holiday. You will not go to a beach every day, won’t you? There are some days that you have to spend a lot of quality time with the kids. What about creating summer science projects with them? They will not only have fun with this DIY summer project but also get something. We have collected summer experiments that you can do with your kids this summer. Check them out further below and get inspired.

Coloring Celery Project

Coloring celery project


You will need several shades of food coloring. Pick up celery stalks, water, and clear glasses or mason jars. Fill water into the glasses. Add some food dye to each glass. Then, put on the celery stalk. After several hours, see how the celery absorbs the colored water. It is a super easy project to do.

Experiment with Sunscreen

Some kids don’t want to wear sunscreen in summer. They don’t like the smell and texture. Now is the perfect time for you to show them how important sunscreen is. Pick up some sunscreen and black construction paper. Smear around sunscreen on the black paper. Then, place it under direct sunlight. See the part where the sunscreen is not applied. Do you find the difference? 

Make It Rain Inside the House

The weather is too hot outside. What about making it rain inside? It will be a cool summer experiment that your kid will never forget. To make this project, you should prepare a plate, glass or mason jar, an ice cub, and very hot water. Follow the instruction on how to make rain here.

Jellyfish for Kids

Pick a plastic grocery bag, it will be better to use the clear one. Then, layout it and cut. Tie it with thread to form a jellyfish-like shape. Add dye water to a bottle. Insert the jellyfish into the bottle. Secure it well to avoid the jellyfish spill. So, your kid can play it free and safe. Even, they can bring it anywhere. Easy, right?

DIY Tornado in a Glass

Dare to make something impressive with your kid? Create a tornado in a glass! You only need a mason jar, water, and dishwashing detergent. Fill the mason jar with water. Then, add a few drops of dishwashing detergent. The way to make the tornado is only by shaking it hard. What do you see? Isn’t it a tornado? You can do it in minutes. 



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