Everyone needs sandals for their daily activities. You might find sandals in the store with similar patterns and shapes. What about changing their look for yourself. You might want to add ribbons, studs, or just change the color with your own personal touches. Having a pair of sandals that nobody has the same will be so interesting. In this article, we have gathered DIY sandals hack that you can try. Check them out further below and get inspired more!

DIY Braided Straps

DIY Brided Straps


You might wear sandals indoors. Buying sandals from stores will serve you a similar look to other people. What about adding your personal touches to get a different pair of sandals for you. Just change the straps with the braided ones. And, you get a new look.

DIY Elegant Sandals Hack

Adding pearls to sandals will make you look stylish and elegant. Almost all sandals’ types can be added with pearls. First, wrap sandals with ribbon. Then, attach the pearls to the ribbon by hand sewing. This project is easy to do even for a beginner.

DIY Sling Sandals

Wearing a pair of sandals for going to the beach is a great idea. Moreover, you can wear these for indoor footwear to keep your feet. These sandals emphasize simplicity but anyone can wear this on any casual occasion. What are you waiting for? Just copy this idea t upgrade your sandals.

DIY Crystal Embellished Sandals

Well, it is not hard to improve your sandals by adding crystals. Find the crystal you want in any size and shape. Then, glue them on the straps one by one. This way will make your sandals look more interesting with bling and shine.

DIY Cool Chain Embellished Sandals

Chains are versatile to upgrade old sandals. Look at this picture that shows a beautiful pair of sandals. Adding chain to sandals is not a hard thing to do. Just connect the chain with the straps and you will get new sandals. Wear this for a casual party will be a great idea. No need to buy the new sandals.

DIY Pretty Bow Sandals

As we have told you before that you don’t have to buy new sandals to look stylish. Just add accessories on your sandals like bows will spruce them up. In this picture, the sandals look more eye-catching with bows attached to the straps. This is a pretty easy dan cheap project for anyone.

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