Not only having the DIY board game, but you can also build the funniest yard games for outdoor to spend your spare time. Look at the ideas below to have DIY Oversized Yard Games To Enjoy The Spare Time.

Speed Scrabble

Speed scrabble DIY Oversized Yard Games To Enjoy The Spare Time


This oversized game idea is ready to move the alphabet and your feet for a game of outdoor speed scrabble. You can paint the letters on the boards with the point. The materials you need are  34 feet of 1×4 boards, chop saw or miter saw, measuring tape and pencil to mark, 100 or 120 grit sandpaper, sanding block, damp cloth, black indoor outdoor paint, small flat paintbrush and smaller round paintbrush, and clear spray sealant.

Diy Dice

Diy dice DIY Oversized Yard Games To Enjoy The Spare Time


Having a few sets of dice for a game outdoor also meaning that you can solve problems for the most indecisive of party guests. It is exactly much fun to play this popular dice game outside! To create lawn dice, you will need an 8′ piece of 4 x 4 lumber. Next, you can round the new edges of each block bypassing the new sharp edges across the routing table that is set up with a 1/4″ round-over bit. Thus, if you do not have a router, you can sand these edges to remove the sharpness. You can make a stencil and used a stencil brush to “stipple” on the white dots.

Jumbo Jenga

The rules are minimal, but the suspense and excitement are maximumly making you feel fun! See these Jumbo Jenga blocks are perfect for a summer night in the neighborhood. The materials you need are 54 feet of 2×4, measuring tape and pencil, chop saw, sanding block and 100 or 120 grit sandpaper, damp cloth, a stain of your choosing, rags to apply, rubber gloves, and Minwax finishing paste.


Having this four-in-a-row is a smart go-to for casual entertainment at a party. Moreover, it all begins as a great family project with some carpentry for the adults and painting for the kids. The steps are: layout the holes and create the pilot holes, cut the holes and discs, join the panels, position the dowels, build and secure the legs, add a board to catch the discs, add magnetic catch, and the last build and secure the tray.


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