Lighting is the core of the house. It serves not only light but also gives a warm effect and creative touch. Keep your reading on this page to have DIY Enchanting Ideas To Create More Light In Your Home.

Coffee Percolator Lamp

Coffee percolator lamp DIY Enchanting Ideas To Create More Light In Your Home


It is a charming lamp as the result of an old coffee percolator. It will also need a bunch of old yellowed recipe cards to cover the object. It will let you have a vintage lamp at home.

Pepper Grinder Lamp With Salvaged Wood Veneer Shade

Pepper grinder lamp with salvaged wood veneer shade DIY Enchanting Ideas To Create More Light In Your Home


The result of this project is so amazing. The work quality looks better here than most of the uber-expensive lamps people sell at the store. It is made of wood veneer salvaged from the wood, an old pepper grinder for the base, and some old lights.

Vintage Tea Tin Pendant Light

These are pretty vintage tea tin pendant lights. It is a project that costs next to nothing and is quick to do. Then, you will end up with a unique upcycled vintage tea tin pendant light that will add interest to any room in your house.

Paint Can Chandelier

This chandelier is hanging in a high-ceilinged artist’s loft. This would also make a fun addition to a home studio, your craft room, or your child’s bedroom. This project should not cost much to make to boost your passion for creating a chandelier project with paint cans.

Vintage Camera Lamp With Slide Shade

Look at this stunning vintage camera lamp with slide shade. This lamp features a vertical trio of vintage cameras. You can also make something similar using a single antique accordion-style camera or crank-winding TLR at the base. The supplies you need are 3 cameras, lamp kit, lamp pipe, JB Industro Cold Weld, spray paint for lamp pipe, duct tape, clamps to hold the camera steady while the cold weld sets, and something with which to spread the cold weld.

Laundry Detergent Bottle Lamp

Here is the result of big empty detergent containers to use with this laundry detergent bottle lamp. You will no need to throw it away when you can turn it into this lovable lamp as a perfect item for your child’s room. Besides, it is also becoming a go green action to your home decoration.

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