You may never feel the need for preparing your home for winters- or it may never be on top of your mind. But, is that how it should be? Maybe not. 

You may never want to indulge in the process until the winter season kickstarts. But, squeezing time from your busy schedule well ahead of time may help your home be in good shape for fall as well as winter. Yes, you heard that right. These are worth the time if your area experiences harsh winters. Ensure creating a plan for preparing your home and property so that you’re all prepped when the first snow hits. 

So, how do you make your home ready? Well, here are some tips to get you going:

  • Insulate Pipes:

An exposed pipe running along the wall or in an unheated area is a considerable risk, homeowners. The water on the inside can freeze, which may cause the pipe to burst significantly when the temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

But, with pipe insulation- the pipes will not freeze and you can easily protect them. Just go to a hardware store and ask the salesperson for a giant piece of spaghetti, which comes with a slit. Now cut that to fit the length of the pipe, wrap it, and secure the same with duct tape. By doing so, you can easily protect your pipe from bursting. 

  • Inspect Tree Branches:

Take a quick glimpse over your property. Do you see branches growing over the house, power lines, driveway, or garage? If yes, then it’s vital to exercise caution because these branches may come down during a storm and cause significant damages. 

Know that branches rubbing together may also lead to breakages. Ensure calling an arborist for quick evaluation if you suspect anything suspicious. 

  • Home Heating:

Now that chilly winter winds will come knocking at your door; it is always wise to prepare yourself and your home for warmth. The options for heating your home are diverse. Yes, you can look for options like propane, electricity, and natural gas. 

While all these have their own set of benefits, choosing propane should be a no-brainer. And that’s what even the efficient heating providers say in their valuable resources. Reading through, you see that propane gas beats other options because it heats home efficiently at a reasonable price, is safe, and pretty versatile fuel. Also, the peace of mind that comes from using environmentally-friendly products is not to mention. 

  • Clean the Gutters:

If you see your gutters clogged with leaves, know that debris can freeze in there and damage the entire roof. So, get a tall ladder, work gloves, and scoop the trash so that water can drain. Make sure you’re comfortable on the ladder, and there’s a buddy to support you. 

Contacting a leaf blower can also be a good option as he can speed things up. 

  • Prevent Doors and Locks from Freezing:

Do you live in a super-cold climate? If yes, then it’s always wise to spray some powdered-graphite lubricant in the door lock. Use this in the place where the key goes and then turn the key into the lock. This solution is ideal as the powder helps in lubricating the pins on the insides to prevent sticking. Experts recommend indulging in this process at least once a season. 

The Bottom Line

Draining sprinklers, cutting back perennials, mulching flower beds, and blocking drafts are other ways of preparing your home for the winter. Also, don’t forget to clean the fireplace- homeowners.

A little preparation can go a long way, folks. All you need is a little research and some mindfulness to get things done. You’ll attain a sigh of relief later on- when the winter season kicks in!

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