If you are blessed with a large garden area, it will be nice to redesign it periodically. Most people change their garden decor by the season. However, you can decor your garden to look like a cottage. This style will not cost much. Anything used is easy to find and affordable. Furthermore, you will feel like back in the old era. However, it is not a mistake at all to add modern items as well. Check out our ideas below that show DIY cottage-inspiring garden decor!

DIY Wood and Vine Arbor

Diy wood and vine arbor


Look at this picture that shows you a garden decor that steals from an English cottage garden. In this garden, the decorator applies two wooden trellises that lead up to the roof for enchanting garden decor. You can do so for your large garden.

DIY Rustic Fairy Garden

Look at this whimsical fairy garden that will improve your garden decor. No one will avoid seeing this. Fairies are part of the garden that reminds us about our childhood that full of magic. You can make this rustic fairy garden and add it to your backyard.

DIY Wooden Ladder Plant

This pretty little garden works well for any house style. No matter a small or large garden, this wooden ladder plant will a cottage feel along with its birdhouse. Surrounded by flowers, we will feel like in an English cottage garden. Find an old ladder in a garage sale or maybe you have saved one in your warehouse.

DIY Weathered Table for Garden

You don’t need to do a hard thing to make this simple garden decor. Just find an old table that already weathered and put on an old watering can. Add a pot of flowers and a birdhouse. Just let them with their natural color to feel the cottage feel.

DIY Textured Bowl Bird Bath

See this large textured bowl with some flowers around that look so interesting for birds. They will take a bath in this bowl whenever they want. It seems like a little lake for them. You can watch the birds taking a bath here as well.

Fresh Cut Blooms in A Basket

Some baskets with cut blooms add a rustic feeling to a garden. Feel free to customize the flowers as you like. This simple addition will not break up your garden style just give a cottage tone. And, it is so simple to do. Even you don’t have to spend money at all to make this pretty easy improvement.



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