What do you in your leisure time? Reading a book, listening to the music, or sitting beside a window? Doing your most favorite quality time is the best thing to get back your mood. Then, you will enjoy your life better than before. Sitting in a swing chair while reading a book is a fun thing to do. However, is there any hanging chair in your room? Let us make it! Check out our ideas in the list below, and decide what hanging chair you will make.

Homemade Hammock Chair

Homemade hammock chair


What make us directly see the chair is because the Aztec pattern. It is a versatile hanging chair you can put somewhere in your house. Hanging it in the playroom and let your kids having fun with it. Sure, you can make it with hand by following the instruction from here.

DIY Mudcloth Hanging Chair

It is a very youthful and trendy hanging chair for you. It can be used for an apartment or small house. We love the color and pattern of this chair. We can make it soon by following the instructions from HGTV. Add a simple faux fur pillow to make your feel comfortable.

DIY Fabric Hanging Chair

What a comfy chair! We can sit here while reading books or listening to the music we love. Exactly, it is not a tricky project to make this hanging chair. You will need a wide fabric and scissors. Then, follow the instructions from here. We believe you can make this project in less than an hour as long as you have all supplies and tools.

DIY Leather Hanging Chair

Do you love something contemporary? This leather hanging chair might look so interesting for you. We can make a leather hanging chair by hand in several minutes. You will need a sheet of leather, wooden stick, and rope. Cut the leather in certain size you want. Then, attach it to the wood sticks. Hang it to the ceiling using rope. Now, you can use this DIY leather hanging chair to sit and enjoy your quality time alone. Check out how to make further here.

DIY Hanging Bench in The Corner

First, we need to make the chair using wood. Second, attach it to the ceiling with rope. Third accessories like pillows, dolls, or etc. Just make sure that you tie the rope strongly. so, it will not be fall down someday. Feel free to make a bigger chair than it, up to you.

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