Looking for unique suitcases repurpose ideas? Here you will be inspired about repurposing the suitcase into the most functional, useful, and creative ideas. All ideas are rounded up in Unbelievable DIY Ideas To Reuse Your Old Suitcases.

Suitcase Garden Centerpiece

Unbelievable DIY Ideas To Reuse Your Old Suitcases


A suitcase can be your option as a garden centerpiece. It is so simple where you can just only paint the suitcases and plant your beautiful flowers and plants. It will boost the energy in your garden where the family will love it.

Suitcase Dollhouse

Unbelievable DIY Ideas To Reuse Your Old Suitcases


Do you have a plan to make a surprise for your girls? This suitcase dollhouse could be your good option. Your girls can play for hours with the dolls and you can save a huge fortune with this project. The materials you need are an old hardshell suitcase, 2-3 wood pieces cut, Basketsvrews, screwdriver, blackboard paint, paintbrush, chalk to draw the cover, decorative paper, and dollhouse furniture.

DIY Old Suitcase A Picnic Basket

Build a more fun vibe for your picnic time by creating an extra cute vintage-styled suitcase picnic basket. It is a good idea to hold all your picnic staff inside. Here, you can just paint to restyle it up, collect some fabric for the make-over, and some clips to hold your plates, cups, and other items.

Awesome Vintage DIY Suitcase Cabinet

It is a sample of a perfectly adorable and fun storage solution to your kitchen space. Place the suitcase on the wall to hold your essential oil collection safe. Besides, you can add a wooden shelf unit inside the suitcase. The materials you need are vintage suitcases, boards, brackets, screws, drywall anchors, and nails to lock shelves in place.

Suitcases Bedside Table

See the old suitcase here is so much decorative value for your bedroom space as a super stylish and unique-looking table. To create this suitcase bedside table, the fabric of the suitcase has been ripped off and painted in brown wooden hues for a great rustic look.

Vintage Suitcase Table

Put vintage vibes in your home decoration with a super cute and fun-looking vintage suitcase table. This suitcase is painted in a beautiful boho shade and made to stand on a table post. Then, you will ready to serve for your laptop handling or to boost your decoration when it is unused as the place for your vases and pots.


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