An old house can appear so eye-catching if you add some new pieces. Or, when you want to upgrade your house but don’t want to spend much money, you can create some DIYs. It doesn’t have to make a new item. You can makeover or hack anything. Upgrading your room decoration can be so easy even with less budget. In this article, we have gathered ideas for DIY decoration projects to improve your room. Let us check out the ideas below!

DIY Paint The Stairs

Diy paint the stairs

Stairs are awesome to be repainted periodically. It will not need much money to buy some paints, won’t it? Then, feel free to customize the colors, patterns, and painting style as you like. Even, you can repaint your staircase every season.

Add New Curtain

Add new curtain

The easiest decorating idea is something that needs not change anything. In this picture, we have a great idea to hang a new curtain for your dining room or any room you like. Make sure that you match the curtain with other pieces.

Hang Some Photos

Hang some photos

Hanging some photos on the wall will fill the empty space perfectly. Even it doesn’t spend any dollar at all. Make your gallery wall with family photos or any picture you like. It will add an artistic tone to your room decoration.

Simple Wall Panelling

Simple wall paneling

Wall paneling is the key to get a new room look with a limited budget. It shows a different appearance on the wall. Go with buttons or stripes to renew your wall appearance. You don’t need a specialist to do this simple DIY decorating project.

Repaint The Ceiling

Repaint the ceiling

Ceilings are nice to be repainted any time. Match the color with your room decoration to get a chic atmosphere. In this picture, the owner applies the same color for the ceiling, curtain, and faux fireplace. It looks pretty to combine with neutral colors such as black and white.

Doors And Windows Transformation

Doors and windows transformation

Your plain glass on windows and doors can be changed into a more eye-catching appearance. See the picture that shows us pretty pattern glass windows that will never go out of date. To make this DIY, you don’t have to spend much money. Even, transforming windows and doors can be done in less than an hour.

Makeover With Palm Print Wallpaper

Makeover with palm print wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your wall decor is only applying wallpaper. This bathroom wall looks fresher and more eye-catching after the owner applies colorful wallpapers. Cool, isn’t it?






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