It might ten or twelve or more old suitcases in your room. Those are too much to be put on your little closet. If you spend some hours, the old suitcases might look better. You can reuse them for the next traveling or throw them on a garage sale. In this article, we give you ideas to makeover your old suitcase looks new. It is an easy project that anyone can do. Add your personal touch to the suitcase you want can be a nice idea.

Paris Inspired Makeover

Paris inspired makeover


Repaint your suitcase will be a pretty idea. Paris drawing inside reminds us about the beauty of Franch. Eiffel looks amazing in your suitcase. You should consider traveling to Franch for the next time. Isn’t it a great idea?

Makeover Suitcase With Bold Appliques

Your kids will love this creation. Changing your suitcase as a home decoration item is a nice idea. See the birds and sun that so cute. This pretty project is not a hard thing to create. We adore the colors as well. Ask your kids to make it with you.

Suitcase With Elegant Letters

A handpainted DIY suitcase might one the easiest thing to make over your old suitcase. It needs only your ability to write or draw. Feel free to write a simple quotation or classic drawing to spruce up your old suitcase. What a cool idea!

Universe Drawing Suitcase

Look at this cute suitcase that anyone kid will love. Draw out space with a rocket, moon, Saturn, and others is an awesome idea. Don’t forget to repaint the surface in white to ease you. What are you waiting for? Just keep this idea in your lists.

Suitcase For Travelling

The carrots look like soldiers in this suitcase, aren’t they? Repaint the surface in yellow and draw the carrot one by one. It is a super easy thing to do. You only need to spend several minutes. Then, you will get a new suitcase.

Stripes Suitcase Makeover

This vintage style will never go out of date. The white basic color will expose any color in front of it. The stripes make it appears fresh and chic. Bring this suitcase to any country and enjoy your traveling time.

Suitcases With Botanical Prints

What about this suitcase makeover idea? Botanical prints are all you need to enjoy summer traveling. It reminds us about the beauty of tropical countries. It such a great thing to bring that atmosphere to your renew suitcase.




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